Big drop in Feedburner stats today?

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  • January 16, 2008

Feedburner seems to be underreporting subscriber numbers today, despite Tuesdays figures usually being the highest.

Blogstorm has lost a couple of hundred but John Chow looks to be down 4,000.

Anybody else seeing this?

Update: The missing subscribers are caused by the fact Feedburner isn’t reporting any email subscribers.

Patrick Altoft

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  • David Bradley

    That’s odd, all my feeds are up. In fact, Sciencebase just went past the 3000 subscriber mark for the first time, I’m well chuffed.


    PS Bit drop tomorrow, no doubt!

  • Kenneth Dreyer

    Who really gives a fuck about what John Chow has to say? I have never seen a post with value to me in his blog. All he does is paid reviews, blog about food and his blog meetings and how great he is. It’s about time he starts dropping..

  • Matthew

    Mine dropped about 25 readers from yesterday. That could mean today should actually be my highest day so far.

  • David Bradley

    I think it’s worth looking at % changes rather than absolutes, if they’re approximately the same across all your sites then you can usually assume it’s a Google Reader outage or something similar. The same goes for the daily and weekend ups and downs. It’s never a surprise to see a biggish drop at the end of the week, but it’s always a pleasure to see a spike on a Sunday.


    PS I too skip of John Chow’s chow down reports and only occasionally read his tips. I’m not interested in reading paid for reviews at all.

  • Aibek

    “…John Chow looks to be down 4,000.”. Does it mean JC has abt 10.000 email subscribers. :-).

  • Sucker

    I don’t have many email subscribers so I probably wouldn’t notice the drop on my blog. :)

    Although the lack of subscribers probably shouldn’t warrant a smiley face… 😉

  • Christine O’Kelly

    Thanks for blogging about this! Yes, mine are down by about 150 today from yesterday…

  • Ruchir

    Mine is the same as yesterday…

  • Anthony a.k.a. OldSchool

    Mine are up!

  • David Bradley

    Did something big happen over at Feedburner overnight? Having passed the 3000 mark, I wake to discover that Sciencebase has made another leap, now boasting 4154 RSS subscribers…I’m shocked. Could 3000 be some kind of tipping point?


  • Christine O’Kelly

    An update… today the count is back up 150+. Did you see the same bounce back Patrick and Matthew?

    • Patrick Altoft

      Pretty much yes, it is back to normal now.

  • David Bradley

    Apparently…there was a glitch at Feedblitz (email RSS system). My big 1000 leap was nothing but fairy dust. Back down to a lowly 3138 subscribers today :-(


  • David Bradley

    No sooner had I spoken than FB is reporting another outlandish figure. Today I have 5852 subscribers to, pretty soon the blogosphere is going to lose faith iin FB altogether (whether that’s Feedblitz alone, or Feedburner being dragged down with it)


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