Billboard exercise, endangered animals and Wi-Fi in the shade

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  • May 20, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

After what seemed like months of election-inspired frenzy, it’s been great to see what this week has to offer in the PR world. There are many international campaigns featured this week; from workout billboards in Berlin to Peruvian Wi-Fi beaches, there’s certainly been plenty to entertain us!

Powerade: Fun ‘Workout Billboards’

Billboards don’t usually ask a lot from us and, let’s be honest, they’re not something we take much notice of, but Powerade have challenged the people of Berlin to exercise with the world’s first workout billboard!

The Powerade boards in the German capital feature a scrolling climbing wall, a lat pulldown bar and another device which invites you to punch it as hard as you can. There’s no doubt the Berliner public worked up a thirst that Powerade can then quench. We’ve seen many campaigns featuring billboards lately and think it’s great to see them coming to life like this.

World Wide Fund: #EmdangeredEmoji

The World Wide Fund for Nature is looking to raise more funds and help save endangered animals by pairing our everyday emoji to that of an endangered animal.

The campaign allows iOS and Android users to download the 17 animal emojis and then simply sign up to the WWF’s campaign on Twitter; this allows you to donate to them by tweeting out your emoji’s.

For every ‘monkey hide face’ and other emoji tweeted out, you donate 10p. Fortunately, they ask for your permission first then tweet the total you’ve raised to your account at the end of the month, accompanied by a link giving you the option to donate.

We are big animal lovers in the office, so this has really caught our eye; the concept to pair your ‘emoji’ with an ‘endangered animal’ is very clever. It’s also a good way to build awareness for the charity through donors’ tweets.


Peruvian League Against Cancer: Shadow Wi-Fi

In Playa Agua Dulce in Peru, beachgoers are encouraged to stay safe in the hottest and most harmful hours of the day to raise awareness of the fight against skin cancer.

A shadow Wi-Fi has been set up and can be accessed beside two big blue structures erected on the beach. Up to 250 people can use the Wi-Fi in the shade, all thanks to a directional antenna that ensures a connection is only delivered in its shadow.

The stunt was such a success that they hope to roll it out to San Francisco, New Zealand and other beaches around the world to keep raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer.


Benefit: Brow Genie – Transform Your Brows

The leading cosmetic brand Benefit has created a handy tool to help women discover their perfect brows. The tool can be downloaded on to your smartphone or used online; all you have to do is upload your selfie and let it do all the magic!

The tool uses a three-step custom brow mapping technique that takes your key facial features into account. Using this information, it will map out where your ideal brow should start, arch and end. It then reveals your perfect brows! It also has a scroll mechanism so you can go back to your previous brows and reveal your new ones with just one slide.

Many women experience problems with the shape of their brows, so it’s fantastic to see Benefit creating this tool to help people all over the world find the perfect brow!