Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Microsoft has today unveiled Bing and it’s probably the most promising search engine of the last few years. Not necessarily in terms of results but because they are actually going to invest in branding with $100m campaign (Google spends around a tenth of this and most of that is on recruitment).

It’s interesting to see a search engine with content optimised to rank for cheap flights. Google steers clear of such conflicts of interest by never trying to rank for commercial queries.

Once nice tool is xRank a kind of celebrity tracking service currently ranking Oasis at the top.


Currently Google Analytics isn’t recognising Bing as a search engine so keyword details are not showing up. As far as I can see the UK results are pretty much the same as the old MSN results so no real changes in algorithm.

Image search for non-celebrities is terrible unless you are Matt Cutts in which case the results are 100% perfect almost as if they were hand picked.