Why you should submit to the Biz Dir Business Directory

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  • August 16, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

This week we accepted a new advertiser on BlogStorm, they timed it pretty well – the ad was up and running just in time for our busiest 3 days ever! All advertisers receive an introductory post to let our readers know a bit about their product.

Biz-Dir Business DirectoryThe Biz-Dir Business Directory is a quality web directory and has an impressive 43,140 backlinks adding up to a PageRank of 6. PR hasn’t updated for a while so this could well increase to 7 with that many links.

The best feature of this directory is that each listing gets its own individual page like this one. This means the strength of the links to your site isn’t diluted between a load of other sites.

The best way to test the strength of a directory is to see whether it ranks well in Google. Using the example page above for seoco.co.uk you can see the directory listing ranks 8th behind the actual company website, another company with the same name and some StumbleUpon and Netscape profiles, all of which would be pretty hard to beat.

The prices range from $15 per year to $60 per year for a featured listing with 5 deep links.

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