BlogRush launches but will it send you traffic

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  • September 17, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Whenever a new service such as BlogRush launches everybody seems to get caught up in the rush to post a positive review with their referral link without taking the time to test the system.


The idea is very similar to the Digital Point Coop system aside from the fact the BlogRush links won’t help your Google rankings like Coop links used to.

The main problems systems like this face is that everybody wants to leverage the platform to get maximum benefit from minimal input. Coop users had PR5 “donor” sites with thousands of pages building up credits that could be used to build links to their money making sites. Eventually the quality of sites running the ads dropped so low that the value was lost.

Unless BlogRush can either only allow people to build up credits for the site they display the widget on or develop a system of manually checking the quality of a blog people will start to use donor sites just to gain credits.

Hopefully BlogRush will gain enough traction that they can factor clicks into the equation as that would be much harder for people to game.

There also doesn’t seem to be a rule about where the widget is placed. Adsense users will know about the heat map and place this widget well away from any profitable areas.

Has anybody received any traffic from BlogRush yet?

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