Body positivity, Costa Coffee and fast cars – our top 5 PR campaigns of the week

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  • January 26, 2018
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    It’s that time of the week again, where here at Branded3 we get together over a cup of tea and talk about our favourite PR campaigns. We’ve seen some great campaigns this week from some of our favourite brands.

    Peter DeVito – body positivity movement

    Body positivity is a huge conversation at the moment, and photographer, Peter DeVito, has decided to champion this in his latest campaign. With the rise of social media, it’s considered the norm in this day and age to think we need to strive to look perfect.

    Peter commissioned a series of art work portraits showcasing untouched images of people with acne in order to raise awareness and champion positivity amongst the public.

    He found his models, Elyanna Banes Sanchez and Leia Immanuel through Instagram, after putting out a call to people who were willing to share their skin issues. Peter didn’t retouch any of the photos and made sure they were totally laid bare. He hopes to try and show that acne is normal and something we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

    Model with acne


    KFC – Gravy Cocktails

    KFC have done it yet again and created a really simple but effective PR campaign. The fried chicken retailer has decided to create, yes, you guessed it – a gravy cocktail.

    They have created three varieties: a vodka-based Gravy Mary, a mezcal and egg Finger Lickin’ Sour and a Bourbon-based Southern Twist.

    We really like this campaign, in fact, KFC have created some highly engaging campaigns recently. Check out last week’s, where they created a new meal off the back of the Bitcoin conversation.

    Costa – Water UK and Refill Bristol launch national drinking water campaign

    Everyone’s favourite coffee retailer, Costa, has become the first business to sign up to Refill Bristol and Water UK. This will mean they will be joining other businesses across the UK to provide refill points for people to fill up their water bottles.

    This is in an effort to cut down on plastic, and Costa plan to offer free water in all of their 3,000 Costa Coffee and Premier Inn locations. We think that this is a great CSR campaign and a really honourable movement from Costa. We’ll definitely be filling our bottles on our next office coffee trip.

    Swiss International Air Lines – billboard activation

    Swiss International Air Lines used a billboard activation to deliver snow on demand. The billboard in Kings Cross shoots snow when someone tweets with the hashtag #SnowNow. This is to mimic the way that they believe their audience book their trips, last minute and online.

    Swiss International Airlines' snow on demand


    Passers-by will receive £25 off their next flight with Swiss International Air Lines and will also be entered in to a draw to win one of five return flights to the Alps.

    This is a great creative campaign and branding exercise carried out by the airline – our London office will definitely be swinging by Kings Cross this week.

    Audi – Ski the World

    Audi’s latest advert generated quite a lot of PR coverage this week. The advert, Ski the World, features 35-year-old French ski champion and filmmaker Candide Thovex. He was filmed travelling to lots of different locations across the globe.

    The advert which some are saying is as good a quality as a film, sees the champion skier visit countries who don’t have any snowfall. This advert is a great use of endorsement from Candide and a clever way to increase PR coverage.

    For further successful PR campaigns, check out last week’s post which looks at campaigns from KFC, Airbnb, Missguided and more.