Bold statements and “Silence Breakers”: The week in PR

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  • December 8, 2017
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Every week, the Branded3 communications team meet to discuss our favourite creative campaigns or PR activities over the last few weeks.

While we’re now in full Christmas mode, there haven’t been an overwhelming number of festive campaigns. However, there is yet another special advent calendar, but this one is extra special. Besides this Christmassy campaign, there have been other campaigns and issues making the headlines this week…

“The Silence Breakers”

Our favourite this week must go to Time Magazine who on Wednesday announced their ‘Person of the Year’ as ‘the voices that launched a movement’ and honouring ‘the Silence Breakers’ – men and women across the globe who spoke out against sexual abuse and harassment.

As well as high profile figures such as Taylor Swift – who this year underwent a public sexual assault court case – and actor Ashley Judd, who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein as part of the #MeToo social movement, it’s not just Hollywood favourites making the headline.

The front cover also features Isabel Pascual, a 42-year-old strawberry picker from Mexico; Adama Iwu, a 40-year-old corporate lobbyist in Sacramento; and Susan Fowler, 26, a former Uber engineer and whistleblower who spoke out about sexual harassment in Silicon Valley.

To add to the story, Time yesterday tweeted about the mysterious elbow in the bottom right hand corner of the cover.  In an editorial on the Time website, the magazine explains that it belongs to “an anonymous young hospital worker from Texas. She is faceless on the cover and remains nameless inside Time’s red borders, but her appearance is an act of solidarity, representing all those who are not yet able to come forward and reveal their identities.”


It feels slightly wrong to follow Time with Toby Carvery, but here goes…

If the thought of just one Christmas dinner a year isn’t for you, Toby Carvery may have the perfect job for you.

Throughout December, the pub chain is on the lookout for a Christmas dinner taster to offer their expert opinion on everything from the crispiness of the roasties, to the seasoning of the stuffing and the moistness of the turkey. The job involves travelling up and down the country to test each of the chains locations, and providing honest and objective feedback on the festive offering.

The company have advertised the post via LinkedIn with potential candidates required to submit a 25-word post outlining their suitability for the role. If you’re a pigs in blankets connoisseur, make sure you get your application in today!

The best advent calendar of 2017

This year we’ve seen all sorts of creative and unconventional advent calendars, including a cheese advent calendar, the Greggs pastry calendar, and the infamous cash for crap calendar… er, sorry, I mean Zoella’s 12 days of Christmas extravaganza.

But Bank’s Beer have taken the trend to the extreme, turning a disused building into a giant advent calendar. Bank’s Beer, whose branding of red brick and graffiti typography are echoed on the giant advent calendar, have created 25 numbered windows which reveal unique graffiti images captioned by a few festive “home-truths” to link in with their ‘tell it like it is’ motto.

The windows really play on the brand’s humorous side, and will no doubt draw a lot of social sharing, with a highlights including a Christmas light covered house captioned “Sod global warming, it’s Christmas”, and a present simply accompanied by “Half price next week”. Genius.

Aldi Christmas Eve Food Surplus

Aldi has been a recurring brand in our blog posts this year, and have always been great at communicating their quirky side through their PR activities.

As well as their matching owner and pet jumpers that were unveiled last week (I mean, who doesn’t want to twin cheesy Christmas jumpers with their cat??), they have also announced that on Christmas eve when they close the doors at 4pm, each branch will be sharing their unsold fresh food items to groups such as food banks in support of “less fortunate individuals”.

In a statement, the brand has also urged other organisations to get involved and prevent food waste this Christmas.

Your 2017 Wrapped

To round off the week, and the year, Spotify have graced us with yet another brilliant data driven creative campaign.

With the streaming services incredible ability to customise its content based on the listener, Your 2017 Wrapped is an animated analysis feeding from your Spotify account and presenting you with fun facts about your year in streaming, as well as two personalised playlists of your top tunes of the year, and ‘The Ones That Got Away’ featuring songs you wished you’d discovered earlier.

So that’s it for another week, we’re predicting that Spotify will kick start the ‘2017 in review’ style activities over the coming weeks but be rest assured, this has to be the last advent calendar for another year… we hope!