Broadcast your Tweets via AdSense

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  • April 3, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

TurboTax is testing a strange new method of advertising – syndicating their twitter status updates in the form of AdSense adverts.

The search giant (Google) has started offering marketers ad units that stream their five most recent “tweets” across the Google AdSense network. The first marketer to use the ad units is Intuit, whose TurboTax brand is trying to boost its Twitter followers. Intuit used several of the measures available for any AdSense campaign to target the ads, which are running on sites such as Bebo, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and Alltop.

“It’s syndicating whatever the team that works on the TurboTax Twitter account [@turbotax] posts,” said Seth Greenberg, director of marketing at Intuit. When a user clicks on an ad it takes them not to but to

I’m not sure about this – optimising your Twitter status updates to maximise AdSense CTR won’t make you a popular user on Twitter and will people who click on the ads understand what Twitter is when they arrive?

Good PR stunt though.

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