Use Google Images to build links: WordPress Plugin

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  • June 17, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

My earlier post explaining how you can use hotlinkers and Google Images to build backlinks to your website has created a storm of excitement as well as a certain amount of confusion from a few readers who were not quite sure how it worked.

If you missed the original post then I suggest you take a look, it has a nice example of the WordPress script in action.

The basic idea with this script is that a potential hotlinker finds a page on your site via Google Images. Normally the hotlinker will simply right click on your image, copy its location and insert the image onto a myspace page or somewhere similar. The script detects when the hotlinker right clicks on your image and brings up a text box with some code so that they can insert the image along with an appropriate link back to your site.

Most hotlinkers won’t bother to remove the link and the result is a continually increasing number of natural links to your website with no ongoing effort. Perfect.

I have created a short video so you can see how the script works in practice.

My first recommendation is that you install the Break out of frames WordPress plugin so that your site isn’t locked into the Google Images frameset. This will mean more visitors to your site as well as an increased likelihood that they will visit more than one page.

Next you will need to upload the Hotlink Builder WordPress Plugin and activate it. There is a control panel where you can edit the message that hotlinkers will see.

To test the plugin simply search for some images from your site using Google Images, when you click through and right click on the image the plugin should reveal the html code required to use the image.

Any problems please post in the comments below.

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