Building links and coverage on the nationals! Brands that achieved it this week

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  • June 23, 2017
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

Each week we sum up our top 5 campaigns of the week which made it onto the national publications.

We love to eat. So it might not surprise you to know the five best PR campaigns and promotions from the past week, in our judgement, all involved food. Don’t mind if we do…


UberEats now delivers McDonald’s

We’ve dreamt about it, talked about it, hoped for it and it’s finally here: a McDonald’s delivery service via UberEats. It’ll even bring breakfast to your doorstep when you have a huge hangover.


McDelivery is on UberEats (like Deliveroo but using Uber taxis) in 22 locations in London and 10 others in Nottingham and Leeds. Available from 7am to 2am, deliveries can be made to any address within 1.5 miles of a restaurant. You’ll be able to get your Egg McMuffin without having to change out of your PJs.

It’s a trial but if proven successful it will be rolled out to other locations.

Anything that McDonald’s or Uber does makes it to the national press so this story has spread across the internet landing placements on every national going, including Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun and more.

Moonpig launch meat favoured edible cards for Father’s Day

Last weekend it was Father’s Day and we saw many campaigns hit the national press, but Moonpig’s was my favourite. It was simply executed and received links from publications like Daily Mail and Mirror. What was it? Moonpig launched the world’s first edible, meat-flavoured cards to give to your dad on Father’s Day.

Designed and hand-drawn by their in-house card design team, Moonpig created two edible cards in two of every Dad’s favourite flavours: BBQ and Spicy Hot.

The greetings card company said: “The BBQ flavoured cards are smoked with hickory chips to give a full and authentic flavour, whilst the Spicy Hot cards are seasoned with cayenne pepper for a fiery finish. The taste-full, limited-edition cards are made from rice paper and infused with edible scents and ink, they smell and taste just like the real thing!”

However, you couldn’t just go on their site and buy the cards. You had to enter a competition to win them.

Bombay Sapphire’s gin train pop-up

Running from 17 to 23 July, there’s a gin train coming to the UK this summer! Bombay Sapphire is giving you the chance to travel the world while sipping on gin cocktails by launching a pop-up gin train.

Okay, so it doesn’t actually leave London, but its host of lights, sounds and – most importantly – tastes means you’ll get to ‘visit’ the likes of Ghana and Tuscany on a 10-stop tour across the globe. The Laverstoke Express takes you from London to Laverstoke Mill, the home of Bombay Sapphire for just £30.

Read more about the train journey and book tickets on the Bombay Sapphire site (*Edit 05/09/17 – this now 404s)

Although we still have a month to go, the campaign has already achieved several links, and coverage on sites such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Metro and more.

Pop-ups like this are popular for brands looking to get quick PR coverage in national press. One of my favourites was Marmite’s love or hate café.

Restaurant opens, hiring waiters with dementia so they forget your order

A pop-up restaurant has opened in Tokyo called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes, and its mission is to hire waiters with dementia as they may forget your order.


The eatery says if you go in knowing this up front, it changes your perception about those who suffer from brain disease. The experience is intended to make you realise that with a little bit of understanding, dementia patients can be functioning members of society.

Food blogger Mizuho Kudo visited The Restaurant of Order Mistakes and had a blast. She originally ordered a hamburger but ended up having gyoza dumplings instead, but everything turned out to be unexpectedly delicious. Kudo also said the waiters were full of smiles and seemed to be having tons of fun.

This story has gone viral and received placements across international press.

Polluted water popsicles

Although this was a campaign produced by students rather than a brand it was one of our favourites for having a simple execution with a strong message.

At first glance, these ice-lollies might look like the sort of thing you’d expect to appear on your health-freak friend’s Instagram, these won’t do you any good.

Three design students for the Polluted Water Popsicles project gathered 100 different samples of sewage found in polluted waters of Taiwan and turned them into mock frozen ‘treats’ to raise awareness about rising water pollution due to rapid economic growth and urbanisation; 90% of the rubbish found in the water was plastic.

It’s a simple yet effective way of getting us to think about water pollution from a totally different perspective.