Business to business SEO tool Web Forensics lets you see visitors who didn’t convert

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  • May 25, 2010
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

First of all sorry about the lack of posts recently, if you want some SEO information take a read of the latest Q&A with Google to see what Matt Cutts thought of the Daily Express selling links.

Now back to the point of this post – to tell you all about a product we have been testing on some of our business to business clients sites. Anybody who has done B2B SEO will know that it’s a different ball game due to many factors:

  • Not much traffic to go around
  • You compete with consumer facing brands
  • A lot of your visitors are sometimes not your target customers
  • Products & services are normally more expensive so conversion rates are lower
  • Every lead is worth a lot of money

With this in mind we have been trialling a product called Web Forensics which uses 9 databases of IP addresses to identify the businesses that are browsing your website and not filling in your contact form. Once you have this information you can call them up and turn them into leads – even one client a year will probably pay for this software many times over. You have to see this in action to believe how useful it is.

The software is a paid solution with rates depending on visitor numbers but we have negotiated a free trial for Blogstorm readers so you can see the software in action on your own website with no obligation whatsoever.

Here is the important bit – to get the free trial you need to email them via a special address which is [email protected] – don’t contact them via the site otherwise you won’t get the full treatment.

Web Forensics