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  • July 9, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Darren Rowse has the scoop on a new service called allowing lazy website owners to pay people to comment on blogs on their behalf. The (flawed) assumption is that adding blog comments will help your
rankings on the search engines.

There are so many problems with this service its hard to know where to start.

1) Most blogs have the nofollow attribute so the comments won’t help your rankings. The Buy Blog Comments website says nofollow doesn’t work and, while there is evidence to suggest you can rank for very uncompetitive keywords using nofollow blog comments, I think this is one area the search engines have got covered.

2) Do you really want somebody who makes a living posting blog comments going around pretending to be you? Imagine what happens when they write something stupid, libelous or just downright spammy on a blog. People will assume that it was you.

3) This is related to part 1 but it is very important so it’s worth re-stating. This site is making people pay for yet another SEO service that doesn’t work. The market for submitting to 5 million search engines is still booming and I have no doubt the same people who believe there are 5 million search engines will also happily pay for blog comments.

4) There are a number of blogs that don’t use nofollow on their comments. These blogs are about to be grouped together on a big list and spammed by the same group of people posing as different webmasters on a daily basis.

5) This will upset bloggers. I moderate all comments on this blog at the moment which takes up a fair amount of time. In future I will probably start letting all comments through by default and moderate them later. Either way if people submit spam comments it is annoying. Aaron Wall has stopped people adding their URL. Matt Cutts has pleaded with some of the serial commenters on his blog to stop commenting.

I can’t think of a worse group of people to upset than bloggers, especially when you own a blog network.

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