Captain Obvious, London rent map and #FriendsFest

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  • October 2, 2015
Kristina Semonella

Kristina Semonella

Digital PR Executive

This week, we’ve seen a number of interesting and thought-provoking campaigns in the world of PR and we’re here to share our favourites with you… Captain Obvious demands a blue tick

Like many devoted Tweeters, Captain Obvious is on a quest to be verified, but Twitter is having none of it.

Created last year by Crispin Porter and Bogusky, Captain Obvious has been the star of’s multi-channel campaign to point out the obvious things in life (as his name obviously suggests) and, to boost his legitimacy, CP+B has been pushing for Twitter to verify him. As a result of this, he’s picked up more than 217,000 followers and has encouraged lots of people to join in the conversation using his hashtag #VerifyCaptainObvious.

Hotels 3

Hotels 2


Reportedly, Twitter say he hasn’t been verified because he’s not real, but it’s been flagged that they’ve recently given the much-coveted blue tick to a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Eiffel Tower: Turning pink for breast cancer awareness

Eiffel Tower

On September 28th, we saw the iconic Eiffel Tower illuminated in pink to symbolize support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as the Pink October campaign. It’s such a simple yet effective idea that’s bound to grab the attention.

London Underground: Rent Map

If you’re looking to rent in London anytime soon, I’d check out this great, full rent map put together by Thrillist London – it shows the average monthly cost for a one-bedroom within a kilometre of each Tube station on the network (data was pulled by Find Properly). It includes information from every Tube line except the Circle line, because every stop on the Circle line is present on another one.

From taking a closer look, it seems the priciest place to live is Hyde Park Corner on the Piccadilly Line at £2,920, while the cheapest is Hatton Cross at £324.

Rent Map

London2Let: £500 a month under the stairs – stunt or real?

On the topic of places to rent in London, this Harry Potter-style room has taken the web by storm this week and has got people questioning – is this story legit?


Apparently, an advert has been offering a single mattress under the stairs at a London house-share in Clapham for £500 a month in rent.

Alex Lomax posted pictures on Twitter of the space, claiming that she’d viewed the “room”, which was advertised on a website called London2Let.

London to let 2

Lomax insisted the advert was genuine but failed to answer further questions about the story. A blogger looked into Lomax’s LinkedIn profile and revealed that she works in PR for a firm that operates in the housing market. For many, this has raised a red flag and got people wondering whether this is a genuine story or if it’s just a very clever PR stunt.

Comedy Central: “The one where they did a #FriendsFest pop-up”

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket to the #FriendsFest that ran from 16-20th September? If you missed out, here’s a brief overview of the fabulously nostalgic campaign by Comedy Central…

It’s been 11 years since Friends left our TV screens but, thanks to a pop-up in London at The Boiler Room on Brick Lane, it gave fans a chance to relive memorable elements of the show.

The pop-up celebrated the show’s 21st birthday and included a true-to-life recreation of Monica’s famous apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop, where the Friends cast were mostly filmed. To everyone’s delight, James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther (the barista who spent a decade pining for Rachel), made an appearance!


Friends set

Friends 3

The pop-up even imported some of the original props from the set. For example, visitors were able to check out the 18-page (“front and back”) letter that Rachel wrote to Ross in season four.

“We were on a break!”


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