Twitition is now more popular than Miley Cyrus

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  • April 21, 2011
Felicity Crouch

Felicity Crouch

Marketing Manager

With growing success that never fails to amaze us; Twitition now has more followers than some of the world’s leading celebrities and sports stars; despite being the result of a fun experiment.

Twitition has now reached nearly 650,000 followers – cementing the concept that Twitter can be used as a powerful viral marketing tool.

What began as an internal experiment here at Branded3, soon revealed a potent social media marketing platform. An idea thought up over breakfast, Twitition’s aim was to take petitions to the social media realm, and see how far the natural buzz would take it.

The results were astonishing, we became the first ever site to get 10,000 re-tweets of a single-link; in only three days might I add. Without any PR or advertising, or indeed any cost at all; Twitition was mentioned in dozens of major UK and US newspapers, including The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, and Sky News.

The links and mentions from this media coverage contributed greatly to the success of the campaign. To date, we have had 110,136 unique Twititions and 4,060,122 signatures (NB: all statistics correct at time of writing). Not only this, but Twitition is now the 33rd biggest referrer of traffic from Twitter, and the 519th most popular Twitter account in the world.

The escalation of this simple idea is extraordinary, and demonstrates the ability of social media to become an effective platform for voices to be heard.

Although the initial intentions of Twitition were light-hearted, it soon became clear that it could be used for more purposeful motives. We now use its success to reflect the influence social media has to our clients, and how it could benefit them.

Today, Twitition has more followers than Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, James Corden, and Miley Cyrus. To even be amongst the names of the world’s rich and famous; nevermind above them; establishes the notion that anybody, anywhere, can use social media to connect to thousands of people. Could we get ourselves in the exclusive top 100 Twitter accounts amongst Charlie Sheen, Barack Obama, and Justin Bieber? Watch this space…