Celebrating Summer Naked! Our favourite PR campaigns of the week

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  • August 12, 2016
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

If you expected to see a blog post full of Olympic-themed PR campaigns, you thought wrong!

It’s been a week since the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio and, instead of the PR world being full of brands jumping on the event, we have seen a week of campaigns that include nakedness, Yorkshire tea, and a social media challenge.

As always, we have summarised our top five below (you’re welcome!):

Rooftop bar in the nude in London

Unless you’ve been living like a cave man, you should be fully aware by now that we are expecting a HEAT WAVE!

Okay don’t get your hopes up too much – the BBC do this to us quite a lot. They announce that we should expect the hottest British summer on record next week, when in reality we get rain, rain and oh even more rain.

But not down south! Oh no! Magically they receive 20°C+ temperatures whilst up north we suffer in our wet sandals and temperatures of a mere 13°C. So for those lucky enough to live in Costa del London, it is time to get your kit off and head down (or up) to the recently launched rooftop nude bar!

Wait what? Yes, you heard right! Now TV has opened a nudist rooftop haven with views overlooking Parliament Square in Westminster, to coincide with the forecast of a mid-August heatwave. The venue, which opened on Tuesday (9 August), features an open-air bar, relaxing sun-bathing areas and the chance for visitors to enjoy a quick workout on a trampoline or a round of swing-ball.

But why?

Yes, I was as confused as you… but it makes sense (kind of).

Now TV have launched the Now TV Combo, the UK’s first contract-free TV, broadband and calls bundle. Therefore, to celebrate not being “tied down” and living a life with no strings attached, Now TV have opened the nudist roof bar to encourage Brits to try out being ‘clothes-free’ as well as contract free. Who’s up for it?


The perfect job – travel the world and taste tea!

Imagine a job which flew you around the world for free, to taste tea. Well, we’ve got just the ticket.

Taylors of Harrogate are recruiting for a trainee tea buyer and you can apply here

So, how does it work?

You’ll start off in their tea tasting rooms organizing tea samples…tasting tea…discussing tea. And once your palate has been trained sufficiently, you’ll then be sent out on free flights to some of the world’s most exotic locations, tasting even more tea!

For those that don’t like hot drinks, this position probably isn’t for you. However, if you are looking for a bit of a gap year and six months of worldwide travel, then spruce up your CV and get applying!

Social media challenge – do anything for an Oasis!

“I’d do anything for an Oasis right now” – said Twitter user @ScottPoole21

Well that one simple tweet started something wonderful. The official @Oasis_Drink Twitter account spotted Scott’s status and replied to the thirsty fan asking what he had on offer. After all, he did say anything…

Of course, this could’ve been dangerous. But it ended up being very innocent and of course perfect for Oasis to promote their brand.

Oasis offered him a challenge – wear a personalized Oasis designed T-shirt every day for one month and he would be granted his wish and more. Of course, others spotted this and wanted in themselves. And Oasis accepted. It then became a huge challenge for users to wear the branded shirts and they would get two months’ worth of juicy goodness.

You can follow the conversation here:


Cancer Research has launched an online life garden where users can interact and remember those close to them who have supported the charity.

Cancer Research UK has revealed that over 100,000 people have left them a gift in their will, and to say thanks they’ve created a virtual reality tribute garden that will continue to grow for years to come.

As the garden exists in virtual reality, it can hold over 100,000 flowers – one for each person who left a gift in their will to Cancer Research UK. You can add a loved one’s name to the garden and see it grow here – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate/leave-a-legacy-gift-in-your-will/guidance-for-executors/welcome-to-the-life-garden

Put your camera down and enjoy your food

Are you the kind of person who takes pictures of every meal to put on Instagram?


Well, admittedly, I am that person!

And in 2016 there are hundreds, thousands actually millions of people like me out there. To respond to this, Ikea has launched a campaign which pretty much says stop stressing about how good it looks for a picture and actually enjoy cooking, eating and family time round the table.

Ikea has launched a new commercial encouraging people to go back to basics and stop thinking about their followers:

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