Reebok tells us to live free range while Airbnb makes #OneLessStranger

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  • January 23, 2015
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

In the second of our PR and social campaigns series we look at some of the best campaigns we’ve spotted this week. First up…

Kellogg’s #SpoonSelfie

Kellogg’s has teamed up with famous spoon bender, Uri Geller for their latest on pack promotion. Customers must collect three promotion codes from special packs of cereal to unlock an online workshop. Here they can design a personalised spoon which Kellogg’s will actually send to each customer.

As well as having a perfectly on brand page for designing your spoon, Kellogg’s are also encouraging engagement through social media. They’re asking people to share photos of their reflections in the back of a spoon using the hashtag #spoonselfie.

Tomorrow (24th January 2015) Kellogg’s will also be looking to further increase awareness of the campaign as Uri Geller unveils the ‘Throne of Spoons’ (inspired by TV show Game of Thrones’) in London’s Westfield.

Poker Stars and Jones & Son create the World’s first pay-by-Poker restaurant

After Christmas January can be tough on the nation’s bank accounts however, customers at London’s Jones & Son restaurant were in luck as Poker Stars offered them the chance to win their meal. The chance to walk away with their meal paid for by playing poker was created to celebrate the 2015 UK and Ireland Poker Tour’s as it kicks off in London. There are now plans to roll out the campaign to each stop of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour.

Reebok encourages people to live ‘free range’

In Reebok’s latest campaign it seems a bit strange at first as to why the star of their new film is a chicken but, as you watch the video all becomes clear. The video shows a chicken on it’s way to the ‘fitness’ barn (a gym resembling a battery farm). In a bid to motivate the nation not to give up on their fitness resolutions for 2015 they aim to get people to ‘Live Free Range’, getting out of the gym and being more active outdoors.

The campaign “challenges the fitness culture status quo” according to Reebok, encouraging people to push themselves further towards their fitness goals. To drive awareness Reebok are also using #livefreerange where you can send in your New Year resolutions and they will send you a T-Shirt with this printed on.

#MuseumSelfie Day 2015

When Mar Dixon began #MuseumSelfie Day 2015 I wonder if she realised how big it would become. As a ‘champion for the next generation of Cultural visitors’ the day aims to make culture more accessible to all by involving non-traditional museum-goers.

#MuseumSelfie has had over 27,000 tweets worldwide (as of 22nd January 2015), the founder had this to say on the success of the campaign,

“I am once again seriously humbled by all the people- globally-who have taken the time to get involved with #MuseumSelfie today.  THANK YOU!”


Airbnb – The One Less Stranger Campaign

A company based around hospitality, belonging and opening doors around the world, Airbnb have launched a campaign to reduce the number of strangers in the world. They offered their community the opportunity to carry out an act of kindness by giving $10 to 100,000 followers that tweeted using #OneLessStranger.

You can see some of the examples on the Airbnb website here.