Domino’s Tummy Translator and Sky’s invisible friend

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  • February 27, 2015
Natasha Nanner

Natasha Nanner

Social Media Strategist

In-keeping with our new tradition for 2015, the Branded3 Comms team gathered together once again this Friday to discuss our favourite PR and social media campaigns from the last seven days.

Read on to find out which creative and comical campaigns made our top five…


Samsung Electronics Australia launched their brand new virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR (which happens to be powered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4), in spectacular fashion recently by setting up a diving shop in the middle of the desert and inviting customers to swim with sharks.

The shark dive was recreated for curious customers based in Alice Springs, Central Australia, by kitting them out with a headset, which allowed them to experience what it would be like to be underwater with the dangerous fish.

It’s seriously impressive to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 being used to power such a cool gadget in a campaign like this one and the customers’ reactions to their deep-sea adventure are priceless.

Domino’s Tummy Translator

Choosing which kind of pizza you want can be a difficult decision, so in an attempt to assist you in this time of desperate need, Domino’s has created a Tummy Translator app that promises to translate your belly grumbles into a personalised pizza recommendation. Yum!

The app works by users holding a phone against their rumbling tums in order for the ‘Gastro-Acoustic-Enterology’ to decode their vibrations. A special pizza option is then offered, combining an array of toppings that may not usually be on the original menu and depending on whether the user is ‘Peckish’, Hungry’, Nibbly’ or ‘Famished’.

Domino’s has really hit the nail on the head with this one by tapping into the needs (and wildest dreams!) of its customers in a fun and innovative way.

Topshop at London Fashion Week

Always eager to stay one step ahead of the crowd, Topshop took over London Fashion Week (#LFW) over the last few days by spotting key emerging trends from the fashion industry and advertising their own products which fit the trend on massive digital billboards near six of their stores.

The retail giant identified stand-out trends that the fashion elite were tweeting about online and then used these tweets to market their own merchandise to style conscious shoppers in the capital. Customers who tweeted @Topshop directly with a specific trend hashtag also received a tweet with a special selection of styles that were available to buy straightaway.

Once again, Topshop proved itself to be on the ball with this campaign, combining the excitement of #LFW with the ease and popularity of online shopping.

Moone Boy

Londoners were left stunned this week when they were asked to take a picture of a man and his invisible friend, Mike. This hilarious prank was set up by Sky 1 and its award-winning Irish sitcom, Moone Boy, in which actor Chris O’Dowd plays the imaginary BFF of 12-year-old Martin Moone.

In the campaign footage we watch as the unknown man hands a polaroid camera over to unsuspecting Londoners, asking them to take a quick snap of he and his invisible pal in front of famous London landmarks. The various photographers are then left in complete shock as the picture is immediately processed in front of them to reveal the man stood next to a real version of Mike. Trust us, this is one you need to watch!

The Branded3 team were all in total agreement that this is a great example of super simple and effective TV promo.


Mastercard truly “mastered” the art of making a heart-warming ad campaign recently in celebration of their Champions League sponsorship by hi-jacking a regular game of 5-aside football and turning it into a spectacle not too different from the biggest matches in the league.

As a group of Turkish players kicked off at their local AstroTurf, the Mastercard crew stepped in and brought out adorable mascots and a cheering crowd to make the teams feel like true football stars. And to make their game extra special, legendary referee Pierluigi Collina was even invited to officiate the game. Imagine that!

The only downside here is that the video doesn’t appear to have received as many views (yet) as we think it deserves. However, since the campaign has not been angled towards one specific Champions League match, it has the potential to become an evergreen ad.

Which campaign was your favourite this week? Let us know if we missed any out!

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