Paris Fashion Week, Zoolander steals the show and Comic Relief 2015

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  • March 13, 2015
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    It’s that time of the week again and we’ve sat down and discussed our top five PR campaigns. This week has totally been full of fun and quirky ideas left, right and centre, so it’s been really hard to narrow it down, but here goes….

    Samsung: “Live one day without barriers”

    In this stunt by Samsung, a whole town learned sign language so that a deaf Turkish man ‘could live one day without barriers’.

    Muharreem is seen going about his normal everyday life with his sister, but every passer-by communicated with him, to his shock, using sign language and that eventually led to him crying tears of joy.

    This stunt was part of a whole campaign to promote Samsung’s new video calling centre, which enables the hearing-impaired to communicate more easily.  We all really liked this campaign and it plays excellently on emotion. We certainly didn’t have a dry eye in the office.

    Paramount: Zoolander 2 @ Valentino PFW 2015

    We just had to include one of the most talked about things of this week. This stunt was just ingenious and something no one saw coming. Paramount Pictures teamed up with one of the most prestigious shows at Paris Fashion Week, Valentino, to promote their new film – Zoolander 2.

    This saw Derek and his archenemy Hansel strut their stuff in the company of some of the world’s top supermodels. This stunt was such an incredible and simple idea that we think many similar campaigns will copy it over the coming months. Fiction met reality and it saw incredible results in terms of coverage and excitement for the new film.

    Comic Relief 2015 – PG Tips: Monkey’s Monumental Mission and Babybel

    We really can’t believe that Comic Relief has come around again! Lots of brands have been getting into the spirit with their PR campaigns this week.

    PG Tips: Monkey’s Monumental Mission

    PG Tips got into the spirit of Comic Relief and vowed to raise £1million for the cause by selling a special pack of their much-loved teabags. To coincide with this campaign, they launched a stunt which saw their mascot – Monkey – climb The Shard.

    We thought this was a really nice way to stay on-brand yet engage with the public for a great cause. Everyone loves charity and for a brand to show they do too, it can only be good for sales as long as it is managed and executed with the best intentions.

    Babybel: Share your laughing Babybel

    Babybel teamed up with everyone’s favourite TOWIE star, Joey Essex. He was tasked with the job to spread laughter for Red Nose Day with Mini Babybel. He was streamed live on a billboard at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre to raise laughs for the charity.

    He went through several costume changes to keep the audience in stiches and even appeared from the billboard to surprise bystanders.

    This was such a simple and fun campaign by Babybel that used video content to really engage with the audience. We really love interactive videos at the moment and in a shopping centre, it’s always great to get a crowd involved and create instant brand engagement. This is definitely something more and more brands should be doing.

    Macmillan: SOZMUM

    In honour of Mother’s day on Sunday, Macmillan have been running this really simple and fun campaign on their Twitter, using the hashtag #sozmum

    They are encouraging everyone to get involved in the perfect Mother’s Day celebration by sharing your #sozmum fib or tall tale and texting SOZ to donate £3 to Macmillan to truly say #sozmum.

    This campaign is such a fun and quirky twist on Mother’s Day and a great excuse to donate to an amazing cause. We really like how they’ve taken a different spin on an already existing idea by playing on nice memories of your childhood trickery, instead of focusing on emotive techniques.