Lidl’s budget lingerie and Heineken’s #DateInABox

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  • February 6, 2015
Farida Tejan

Farida Tejan

PR Executive

In this week’s Campaign of the Week series, our Comms team put together five of the best Valentine’s Day related PR and Social Media campaigns…

LIDL launches budget lingerie line with a twist

Supermarket chain LIDL launched its first lingerie range this week with an amusing Valentine’s Day prank that has gone viral.


The video shows some unsuspecting male shoppers being approached by an attractive woman asking for directions. They’re then given a shock when she reveals her skimpy lingerie beneath her coat and their girlfriends (who are in on the act) turn up.

This PR stunt has been a huge success for the retailer gaining them mass online coverage from national publications as well as becoming a trending topic on social media. This easy to make video prank has proved to be a great way to not only get people talking about their new range but to also show it off.

Starbucks and – #Starbucksdate

Starbucks and have teamed up to host the world’s largest Starbucks Date ahead of Valentine’s Day. The online dating app will feature a button called ‘Meet at Starbucks’ which will allow users to meet up at their nearest branch for a coffee date.


This campaign is the perfect example of how two brands can collaborate successfully together. Thus far, the campaign has sparked widespread discussion on social media and will no doubt gain mass coverage when the actual event takes place.

Heineken US – #DateInABox

Dutch Brewers, Heineken threw a great ‘surprise and delight’ style Valentine’s Day campaign last year where they allowed Twitter users to tweet them using the hashtag ‘#DateInABox’ in order to request a free date for you and your significant other. They threw in a catch though, stating that in order to get the code to unlock the date from vault the male in the relationship had to publicly share a picture of #DateInABox on Instagram.

They devised this creative social media campaign based on a survey they’d carried out which revealed that men are less likely to declare their love on social media than women.

McDonalds – Pay With Lovin’

McDonalds has launched a new campaign inspired by love and acts of kindness. The fast food giant is offering customers the option to pay for their meals between now and Valentine’s Day with ‘Random Acts of Lovin’. They put together a short advert which they unveiled during the Superbowl this week.

Hasbro – Monopoly turns 80

To celebrate Monopoly’s 80th anniversary, 30,000 of the board games sold in France will contain real cash. This campaign is particularly great since this twist of the special edition of the game will no doubt drive sales and gain a lot of media attention.