Coffee and cake, selfie spoons and retro cartoons!

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  • September 25, 2015
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

It’s that time of the week again where we at Branded3 bring to you our favourite PR campaigns of the week. With #macmillancoffeemorning covering my Twitter feed and the Rugby World Cup in full swing, we had many top campaigns to mention.

Macmillan: #MacmillanCoffeeMorning

The Macmillan Cancer Charity have run the #MacmillanCoffeeMorning for a few years now and today, we have never seen so many cakes on our newsfeeds! It’s great to see friends, families, offices and neighbours across the UK get together this morning for coffee and cake to raise money and awareness for the charity.

We are excited to see how much money all of us have raised during the campaign, but firstly, here are some of the muffins and slices baked by our team here at Branded3!


Coffee Morning 2

Coffee Morning


Coffeee morning 3

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: The world’s first selfie spoon

Just what we needed, the world’s first selfie spoon! The makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal have created this for their brand’s ‘Cinnamilk’ campaign. With 1,000 selfie spoons available for free (delivery costs not included), this fun PR stunt will be hugely popular with the youths of today who like taking pictures of food for social media. If you don’t believe me, see the video below!

Nickelodeon: Throwback Friday

Do you remember Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Catdog AND Kenan and Kel? Well, all of our favourite shows from our formative years are coming back to Nickelodeon on October 5th. The guys at the children’s TV station said that they want to give their viewers a true retro media experience that they can’t get anywhere else!

To promote this activity, our childhood favourites Kenan and Kel surprised us this week by reuniting on The Tonight Show and performing an updated sketch. Now that’s a throwback we didn’t expect!

Google:  Google Fortune Teller

Created in tandem with a creative communications agency, the Google Fortune Teller initially appears to be able to answer all of your life-long worries and questions about your future. However, as you search for the answers to your queries, the site then loads an answer that brings you back to reality.

The message states “Of course we can’t predict your future! But 60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all… Please take a moment to think of their future”. Take a look at to see what all the fuss is about.

Google Fortune Telling

Addison Lee: The #RugLee Fleet

To offer passengers the chance to get truly into the tournament’s spirit and encourage them to celebrate the Rugby World Cup here in the UK, car hire company Addison Lee have wrapped 20 of their cars in participating nations’ flags and sent them touring around London.

Those who spot an Addison Lee car are being invited to Tweet or Instagram an image of the vehicle to @AddisonLeeCabs with the #RugLee hashtag to receive a ride in the car, as well as discounted travel. The campaign will end on the last day of the tournament, which is October 31st, so keep an eye out for the Addison Lee fleet for a free ride.

Addison Lee

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