Creating the ultimate customer experience with Sitecore

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  • February 9, 2015
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

Currently, an overwhelming majority of Sitecore license holders aren’t using the platform to its full potential and therefore missing out on giving their customers a highly relevant, highly targeted, personalised experience which, ultimately, turns into revenue.

Sitecore is a complete personalisation and experience platform and when used correctly, can increase conversions, reduce the return to SERPs and improve search visibility.

We’re a Sitecore Gold Certified Solutions partner and we’ve seen first-hand the business benefits that correct implementation of the Sitecore platform can bring. For the Inchcape Toyota site we designed and developed for example, it saw a five-fold increase in search visibility soon after launch.

We’ve put together some information on which specific features of Sitecore brands should be using to create the ultimate customer experience.

Fill in the form below to download the key benefits of maximising your Sitecore platform and please feel free to get in touch if you’d like a complimentary workshop with Branded3 and the Sitecore team, designed to help you reach the full potential of your customer-focused platform.

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