Dead cake, squeaky doors and page-turning ghosts…Happy Halloween!

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  • October 28, 2016
Laura Crimmons

Laura Crimmons

Communications Director

When launching a PR campaign, the main goal is of course to get your brand noticed. Launching a campaign in conjunction with events like Halloween can be risky – you either stand out like a pumpkin or blend into the background like a ghost…

Every week we sum up our top five PR campaigns of the week and share them here on our blog to educate and inspire. As Halloween is nearly upon us we’ve picked out some of our favourite Halloween themed campaigns…

Fans mourn at the Great British Bake Off Funeral


Breaking news – Great British Bake Off has died!

Okay, it’s not exactly breaking news but it is a pretty big deal to many fans of the show. GBBO will no longer be shown on the BBC and instead it will be heading over to Channel 4.

The PR team at London Dungeons saw this as an opportunity to get some press. Many were already talking about the end of GBBO, so why not make the most of it and give it a ‘proper’ send off?

On the day of the last show, mourners gathered outside the BBC to watch as a hearse went by, showcasing Victoria sponge shaped flowers spelling ‘RIP GBBO’.

It remains to be seen whether people are just saying goodbye to the BBC’s GBBO, or insinuating that moving over to Channel 4 will be the death of the show.

The ghost of McDonalds

Following Burger King’s #SettleTheBeef campaign last year targeted McDonald’s – and they’ve done it again for Halloween.

A Burger King store in Queens, New York, has been transformed into the ‘ghost of McDonald’s’ with billowing white sheets.

The video below (on Burger King’s official YouTube channel) confirms that the corporate office was behind it and features various customers talking about the stunt.

Haunted doors courtesy of WD-40

This Halloween, WD-40 and the ‘Haunted Door’ app are helping us to make our doors extra creepy when we open them to trick-or-treaters.

The video below shows the app in action, which works by attaching your phone to the door so that it makes a spooky sound, triggered by the motion of the door opening.

WD-40 also reminds us that they’re there to stop our doors creaking for the other 364 days in a year.

#MagicTogether campaign by Three and ZTE

This week, instead of facing the glum sights of the underground Londoners had the opportunity to hail their very own magical transportation.

On Wednesday, October 26th and Friday October 28th ‘Unicabs’ took to the streets to shuttle people to their offices in Monument, Southwark and Canary Wharf.

The free, rainbow-coloured carriages that were drawn by ‘unicorns’ were part of a #MagicTogether campaign set up by the mobile network Three and ZTE to promote their new device. Each carriage was fitted out with the new ZTE Blade V7 phone so that passengers could snap pictures of the sights on their way to work.

This is a great way to engage with new customers and we think it’s a fun and exciting strategy to make a brand stand out from the crowd. I mean, who doesn’t love a unicorn?


A ghostly appearance

Imagine this: You’re at a reading of the new novel that your favourite author has just released. Then, all the sudden, the ghost from the book appears in the room!

That’s what happened to a few unsuspecting attendees at the launch of author Michelle Paver’s new novel “Thin Air”. Using special effects, a crew set up cameras and projectors in the room. An actor in the adjacent room made the ghost appear lifelike whilst an actor read excerpts of the novel.

Watch out…you never know what might appear this time of year!

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