Digg has moderators and gets more like Google every day

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  • January 18, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Everybody has known about the Digg moderators for well over a year but the story continues to upset quite a few Digg fans. Today Valleywag ran a story (rather ambitiously labeled as an “Exclusive”) explaining that Digg has moderators and linked to a 2006 blog post to prove it.

Kevin Rose responded with this comment:

Unfortunately ValleyWag never contacted us for the real facts.

FWIW, we have one site administrator on duty at any given time. Their main responsibility is to monitor and review stories the digg algo/backend has flagged as pornography or SPAM. With 20M+ monthly unique visitors and tremendous traffic implications, gaming Digg is something that is attempted regularly.

So, as we have since the beginning, we’ll continue to build tools and maintain staff that detect and remove spam/spammers – but most importantly, we rely upon you, the Digg community, to Digg your favorite stories and bury the ones you don’t like.

Moderators at Digg are deleting blatant spam stories but I don’t see them spending too much time with stopping stories hitting the homepage. Getting a spam story on the homepage is pretty much impossible because in the number of hours it normally takes it will get buried by too many real users.

Digg and Google seem to be getting more similar every day. They both favour trusted domains and employ editors to remove spam and sites they believe are either trying to game the system or shouldn’t reach the front page/top of the rankings.

Google has a sandbox and a minus 30 penalty to deal with untrusted sites and Digg has an auto bury algorithm.

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