Why Digg inflates your RSS reader count

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  • October 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Social media can send a huge amount of traffic but you are unlikely to gain many RSS subscribers by getting on the front page of Digg, unless you do it every week.

Hitting the Digg front page normally causes your RSS subscriber count to jump up by a couple of hundred before falling back down to a level just above the previous subscriber count (hopefully) but this isn’t usually due to people actively subscribing to your blog.

Graywolf has been looking into his stats for the reason behind this and talks about how Google Desktop auto subscribes you to the RSS feed of every site you visit. On Sunday BlogStorm was on the Digg front page so its easy to see how the subscriber numbers have fared since then.

On Saturday blogstorm.co.uk had 997 subscribers, this jumped to 1317 on Sunday and fell back down to 1135 subscribers on Monday.

What happened?

Looking at the subscriber stats I can see that on Saturday there were 3 Google Desktop subscribers. This jumped up to 110 on Sunday and fell back to 19 on Monday.

Feedburner stats

From this we can see that the overall subscriber numbers increased slightly but that Google Desktop inflated Sundays count by over 100 readers.

So, next time you hit the Digg front page and see your figures jump up don’t forget they will probably fall back down again tomorrow.

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