Digg redesign means more buries and more videos

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  • August 28, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Digg had a redesign today and I’ve spent the last few hours trying to digest the implications of all the changes.

The first issue is that the bury button now has a nice big red cross so that its really easy to click on. When I first started using Digg my favourite feature was the AJAX Digg button, I would Digg loads of stories just to see the button in action and this is probably one of the key ingredients to the sites success. The problem with making an AJAX bury button is that people will bury stories indiscriminately making it much harder for content to rise to the top.

It is now really easy to sit and watch the new submissions and bury 5 or 10 stories at a time if you were so inclined.

My only other concern is that I have to have videos on my homepage, even if I don’t want them. The message says “At Least One Videos Topic is Required. You need to have at least one videos topic selected or you won’t see any videos.”

What if I don’t want to see any videos?