Dirty Bones Instagram packs, Tinder’s 3-year daters and Macmillan’s Twitter takeover: PR roundup

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  • July 14, 2017
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

This week we saw Andy Murray get knocked out of Wimbledon, our typical English summer almost made a comeback with torrential rain and we realised that it’s only 10 days until the finale of Love Island! While these things have taken over the internet since Monday, we wanted to give you our low down on our top 5 PR campaigns of the week.

This week, social media has cleverly made its way into many successful PR campaigns including Tinder’s Hawaii trip giveaway, Macmillan’s hashtag takeover on Twitter and Dirty Bones foodie Instagram kits. All of which have used social to excel their PR campaigns and reach their audience on the platforms they use most.

Dirty Bones Instagram Packs

Starting with Dirty Bones, they have been offering the perfect foodie Instagram pack to help visitors up their #foodporn game. Everyone is guilty of taking that ‘my food is amazing’ picture before tucking in, and Dirty Bones have taken advantage of this and turned it into a social meets PR campaign.

To celebrate the new opening of their Soho London branch, which has been designed with the ‘Instagram Universe’ in mind, Dirty Bones are ensuring all customers get the perfect foodie picture by using their in-house Instagram packs. The items in the pack include a portable LED camera light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide angle camera lens and a tripod selfie stick for overhead shots.

The restaurant chain has realised that many people trust Instagram when deciding where to eat and want to make sure that they are competing against the other 128 million Instagram posts around #foodporn to get their customers through the door.

(Dirty Bones Instagram)

#MacTakeover Day

Macmillan Cancer Charity were joined by many companies across London to raise money for people in need on July 13th. While it wasn’t their intention to trend on Twitter the hashtag was widely followed by users loving all the dress up photos.

If you were around London yesterday you might have bumped into human bananas, people dressed as Mac, and others sporting green wigs. It was all for a good cause and Macmillan were thrilled to be trending on Twitter. What a great example of an offline PR campaign that can be amplified further by social media.


Tinder’s 3-year daters

This campaign is a brilliant example of how a brand can latch onto something that is already happening in the media. Tinder users Josh and Michelle matched on the app 3 years ago, and the entire digital world has come to love the couple for their hilarious conversation that has dragged out over the years without them meeting. That is, until now.

Tinder joined in on their Twitter chat, and offered the couple a chance to finally go on a date. Josh and Michelle have taken up the opportunity with Tinder and have agreed to fly to Hawaii to meet each other.

We can imagine that everyone will want to know how their love story ends and Tinder have very cleverly promoted themselves through this campaign.

San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art is on text

While this campaign isn’t directly related to social media, it has made use of the digital world in a way that museums haven’t yet discovered. To add to the experience of visiting San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, customers can now text the museum’s number with any caption and they will reply to you with a piece of art that relates to your text.


The museum is hoping that it will enhance the experience people have, and will help them to explore art in a different and more creative way than before.

This is an interesting way to connect with customers and become more easily accessible to people who might not be able to go to the museum.

Game of Thrones bring a chill to London

Finally, to end the PR round up for this week, we bring you Game of Thrones. It is back on our TV’s on July 17th, and to get people excited for the new season the White Walkers took to the streets of London and other cities across the UK. The characters looked decidedly chilling, and gave us a sneak peek into what is to come for the new season.


Using #WinterIsHere in the new trailer, Game of Thrones have been taking to Twitter to get everyone excited for the new episode next week and users are loving it. They have also created a snapchat filter that fans can use and many have been posting the videos online. It shows that to create a real hype around a campaign you need to use social media to get people excited.

All of the above companies have used social media or digital interaction to help create more of a buzz around their PR campaigns. Brand’s should be looking to incorporate social into all of their PR campaigns, especially because it’s the one platform that almost everyone uses daily. These are all great examples of how you can use it in different ways and we are definitely inspired.

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