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  • October 6, 2009
Rishi Lakhani

Rishi Lakhani


While waiting for a train on the Underground late one night, I was intrigued by the an advert for Dixons, a high street retail brand. The creative takes pot shots at  well known department stores, advises shoppers to do all their browsing there, and then go to the Dixons site to purchase. The campaign ends with the tagline “Dixons.co.uk – the last place you want to go”.

I am split about the creative message and about the potential negative connotations, especially if you miss most of the creative that precedes it. However I hold judgement, though it would be interesting to see what the results are.

In my usual fashion, I asked twitter and they came up with their opinions:

Thoughts please: if I say a place is “the last place” I would go to buy anything, what does that say to you?

  • jaamit: @kevgibbo @rishil exactly my thoughts, complete slogan #fail. what did they reject on the way “dont even bother” / “pull the other one”…?
  • kevgibbo: @rishil that’s an awful strapline, although it’s probably true – they’d be the last place I’d try!
  • willcritchlow @rishil I actually really like that campaign. I love the use of colour & font so you know who they are talking about
  • LordManley: @rishil That place is slightly better than another establishment where you would buy nothing at all, but still not great.
  • seobegincom: @rishil all the others were overpriced?
  • searchpanda: @rishil is this related to new dixons ad? ‘last place you go’ – i thought it was quite well thought out. recession etc.
  • IngoGuava: @rishil That means that at least you know the place as a relevant resource. But only as a resource of rubbish.
  • SharkSEO: @rishil I know! The Dixons adverts, right? They’re fucking terrible!
  • 101holidays: @rishil it means you wouldn’t buy there. But I see Dixons.co.uk are using it as a sales line. Fine line between clever/stupid
  • richardbaxter: @rishil that you’re going home, and that’s the last shop on the way?
  • cyandle: @rishil that they suck ass? 🙂
  • ismepete: @rishil it says to me that you could get the *anything* there, but would try everywhere else before them, presumably cos they r rubbish
  • RichardShove: @rishil That you’d only buy it from there if there were no other alternatives
  • swerveball: @rishil you wouldn’t buy from there.

It would be interesting what others feel about this campaign, especially those involved in online marketing. The mixed reaction to it is really intriguing.

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