Does Google let third parties edit search results?

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  • February 1, 2008

According to this interview with Marissa Mayer Google doesn’t let third parties such as AOL and Myspace alter the search results they syndicate from Google.

We work very hard on our ranking functions. As a result, our search licensing agreements explicitly prohibit reranking results. A lot of the value our partners pay for is in the ranked list of search results, so we suggest they don’t rerank it. We welcome developers adding things to the UI to make search more useful. Because the ranking remains one of the core aspects of our business, we have as part of our Terms of Service that they not reorder results. The Google brand stands for excellence in relevance and ranking, so we don’t want to provide a co-branded product where it doesn’t reflect our best ranking.

If that’s really the case why does this result differ so much to this result?

Patrick Altoft

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