Drink with your cat, ride with a bottle and spell “B-A-N-A-N-A”

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  • June 2, 2017
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

This week’s PR round up is filled with sweets, drinks (for both your cat and yourself), and cheeky fitness. Read up!

Hydrate and commute all at once

Londoners have had the chance to enjoy a free commute on Tuesday this week, thanks to a promotion from Lucozade at the Oxford Circus station. Thousands of commuters were given special bottles of the fizzy beverage, then used the exclusive contactless chip-fitted bottle as an Oyster Card.

This stunt comes under the umbrella campaign “Find Your Flow”, which you might have seen around your city.

A new route for your health

No, we’ve not been doodling cheeky graffiti during working hours… This is, in fact, part of a charity campaign all about men’s health.

Testicular Cancer New Zealand teamed up with FCB New Zealand for a campaign called #GoBallsOut for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign was created to engage with men to go out and cycle, walk, run, or even kayak the outline of their family jewels using a fitness app as their guide. The route was then recorded and could be uploaded to the site dedicated to all the penises’ itineraries: www.goballsout.org.nz

Making Kiwis aware and getting them moving in a funny way, plus receiving great coverage in only a short period of time, it sounds like a successful campaign, bearing in mind the hardest part must have been pitching it!

Spell it out

The U.S. is well known for huge food portions, big cars, and movie stars, as well as (slightly less glamourous) Spelling Bee contests, where children compete by learning the most complicated words in the dictionary by heart.

For the 90th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, a map has been released with the most common spelling errors in the different states of America. “Beautiful” has been crowned as the most misspelled word but “banana” seems to be a struggle in New Mexico.

Take a look for yourself, and see how your spelling ability compares…

Prosecco and Pawsecco

No, this is not a prank. Yes, this is “wine” for your cat or your dog

Hear me out: it’s Friday night, you are home alone because you either cancelled your plans or you just don’t have any. Your cat is purring on the sofa by your side and the bottle of wine is looking at you expectantly. No need to feel guilty for pouring yourself a glass of wine as the Woof & Brew Shop have launched a white and rosé pet drink.

Disclaimer: Vets have been involved in the making of the wine so there’s no risk of a drunk or sick pup (just be careful not to mix theirs and yours!).

Nutella bouquets

Don’t get too excited at the mention of everyone’s favourite chocolate spread, because these are only available in Australia… though, maybe if we talk about them enough, someone (please, please, please) will launch them here!

Because sending flowers is so yesterday, the new trend is sending Nutella-filled doughnut bouquets, accompanied by a personalised liquid chocolate syringe.

Dessertboxes understood the Australian need for this and we can only hope they will start to do deliveries in the UK as well.