DSC00001.jpg – Guess what people take a picture of first

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  • August 16, 2007

Most cameras use the DSC numbering system, starting with the first ever photo at DSC00001.

Lets see what people take photos of as soon as they unwrap their shiny new camera.

DSC00001.jpg on Google Images (potentially not safe to open if you are at work)

DSC00001.jpg your first picture

As you can see the results are quite interesting. What do you think? What do you take a picture of first?

Thanks to Vin at SEO Agency Leeds for the tip!

Patrick Altoft

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  • http://mouseclone.com Mark

    Well that is true and not true. When you delete all of the images on the cam they start over at DSC00001. So these could be the images that are first taken after clearing off the cam. DSC00100.jpg Might be more interesting.

  • http://seopedia.org Cristian Mezei

    All I can say is LOOOOL Big Grin

  • http://blogstorm.co.uk Patrick Altoft

    Mark, on my camera it doesn’t reset to 00001. If it did then you would be overwriting your photos if you put them in the same folder.

    Maybe it depends on the camera….

  • http://mouseclone.com Mark

    Well that is true and not true. When you delete all of the images on the cam they start over at DSC00001. So these could be the images that are first taken after clearing off the cam. DSC00100.jpg Might be more interesting.

  • http://seroundtable.com Barry Schwartz

    Turn safe search on and you are fine

  • http://paquito4ever.blogspot.com Paquito

    I can’t stop laughing! Smile

    This is one of the best discoveries I made this year, hahahahaha…

    It remembers me some P2P where people start sharing “My Documents” folder @ Work and then you can access to Internal Memos and Stuff like that…

    You think it’s not true… Try it and be amazed Smile

    Regards from Spain,


  • http://blogozine.blogspot.com Dee

    That’s so interesting and so very funny! I’ve taken more than 6800 pics in a matter of a year. I can’t seem to find my first pic though.

  • http://veryvulgar.com Greebus

    See Perez Hilton nude! He did some naked photographs for a gay cruising website before he was famous, his penis is surprisingly small. See them now at http://www.veryvulgar.com (before they are removed) or just click my name!!

  • j

    your camera can reset back to 00001 if you wanted it to. there’s a setting. but different cameras function differently.

  • Keith

    I believe that most modern digital cameras have a setting for this. On my Canon it is an option called “File Numbering” which I can set to either “continuous” or “auto reset”.

  • Jason

    I’ve got a Canon 400D. On that you can specify in the options if you want it to reset back to 000001 if the card is wiped clean.

  • http://- Pieter

    The most uninteresting photos in the entire universe and beyond. For dragging me here may you get crabs in your eyebrows…..

  • Peter Johnson

    It doesn’t depend on the camera: the numbering never resets.

  • http://clipsvideo.tv Clips vidéo et paroles

    LOL, nice pics out htere

  • http://viruz.com Sam

    Is this the reason why people buy digital camera? Big Grin

  • http://braindump.chuckbrown.com/ Chuck

    Kudos to whoever thought of this. What a great topic! How much you want to bet this becomes a website topic? Very funny!

  • Noah

    Also, IMG00001.jpg for other cameras.

  • Just a dude

    see also link
    and link
    and link


  • http://tripplehelix.wordpress.com tom

    There’s a setting on all cameras to either carry on counting or to reset counting.

  • John

    Most cameras I’ve used do not reset to 01 automatically. You have to manually reset it using a buried menu command.

    Excellent post…this is like how you can find unsecured IP webcams by googling the device’s default URI.

  • John

    It should be standard practice that everyone takes pictures of tits as their inaugural photograph with a new camera.

  • http://psylight.ca Psylight

    Not too surprising. I imagine Google is doing something like PageRank here. All these results mean is that the most popular DSC00001.jpg files happen to be pornographic. If you randomly browse a few pages in, the photos tend to get much more mundane.

  • http://jrm.cc Jeff

    It’s pretty obvious the porn ones are fake named just for this purpose. If you change the 1 to a 2 there’s no porn going on.

  • Aaron

    Most cameras by default to not go back to 1. It’s a setting that you have to force it into when you format your card.

  • http://planetozh.com/ Ozh

    Old post from Engadget about this and all other camera brands:

  • http://promoinnovations.com Carl Coddingon

    Wow! it’s funny that you are getting all these disagreeable comments. But, hey, you’re getting comments Smile

  • kintamanate

    On my Sony DSC-P92 after the 09999th picture it reset to 000001. I don’t know why it didn’t continue to 100000 and then up to 99999 pictures, it just reset the counter from 9999. Perhaps this changed in later models.

    About overwriting pictures, that’s easy – don’t put all 9999 pictures in the same folder. I make folders based on the date the pictures were taken.

  • kintamanate

    I don’t remember where I picked this list up from but these are for other camera’s too.

    “dcp0” // Kodak
    “dsc0” // Nikon
    “dscn” // Nikon
    “mvc-” //Sony Mavica 1
    “mvc0” //Sony Mavica
    “P101” // Olympus? First 3 are dates, work on this…
    “P” //PMDD where M is hex
    “IMG_” // Canon
    “imag” // RCA and Samsung
    “1” // Canon 1TH-TH## thousands, hundreds
    “dscf” // Fuji Finepix
    “pdrm” // Toshiba PDR
    “IM00” // HP Photosmart
    “EX00” // HP Photosmart timelapse?
    “dc” // Kodak dc-40,50,120 dc####(l|m|s)
    “pict” // Minolta Dimage pict####.jpg
    “P00” //Kodak DC290 p#######.jpg
    Casio QV3000 – mmdd####.jpg

  • http://ianpitts.com Ian Pitts
  • Philip

    Picture 2 on the whole was not nearly as interesting. I guess the excitement had worn off.

  • http://cunningham.me.uk/wordpress Andy

    Well, Canon owners obviously aren’t such a bunch of pervs. Googling for IMG_0001.jpg will show the difference!

  • GumPhlaper

    I’m just glad to see I’m not the only one to have done this search.

  • http://eupodiatamatando.com Silveira Neto

    Whooow! What a great idea!

  • http://flashyflashy.net Allan

    the first page was funny, after that its pretty normal

  • http://imghit.com/ Paul

    People are sick. Yet, at the same time, hilarious Smile

    You would think some people would try their camera out on something more normal at first.

  • http://[email protected] sub corpus

    my first pic of the camera is always of the sales girl …
    hehe …
    you know why … hehe …

  • http://rahulpatel.in rahul

    really funny ,I will take care of clicking my DSC001.JPG in future after reading this,LoL

  • http://willis-witze.de Willi

    great idea! really funny!

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  • http://jeka911.com jeka911
  • Amortization Calculator

    This is too cool! It can be used as DSC00002, DSC00003 etc.. too. It is so cool.

  • Harrow

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