ebuzzing launches a UK buzz marketing service

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  • January 30, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

An interesting new service has launched this week called ebuzzing.

The site allows bloggers and advertisers to connect in a similar way to ReviewMe, the difference being that this new service is focussed on the European market and is designed to allow bloggers to simply recommend cool products rather than review them meaning that advertisers are unlikely to see a negative review.


Pierre Chappaz, co-founder of Kelkoo, is President of the site so it clearly has some big backing, hopefully this will result in some large advertisers as this is the key for a network like this to succeed. There are no shortage of people willing to blog for money.

The service is Google friendly and all posts are clearly marked. Interestingly the site is blocking spiders so you won’t find it on Google yet. These services are very valuable to advertisers looking to build buzz but for the system to be worthwhile you need large blogs and large advertisers signing up. Big brands won’t waste time paying a few pounds for a post on a blog with 50 readers.

I asked Dan Levy, ebuzzing UK Community Manager some questions about the service:

What sort of payout could bloggers expect? Do you have advertisers on board already?

We do have some advertisers on board. The amount of money bloggers will earn shall depend hugely on the blog in question. It should be initially around £35-40 per article for an average (i.e. a medium-sized) blog.

The bigger blogs on our French site have obviously been commanding much larger fees through ebuzzing Direct (from around €150 – €350, although the biggest was €600 for a video post), and we expect this to be the case for the UK too for the really big blogs.

Can you summarise how this service is better than competing services such as Pay Per Post and ReviewMe?

With regard to Pay Per Post and Review Me, I should make it clear that we never had the intention of creating a European version of Pay Per Post. Once we’d decided to create the ebuzzing service for Europe, we of course came across them and looked at what they do. But this only served to confirm to us that we were right about what we should not be doing.

The principle differences are that we have insisted from the outset that our bloggers disclose the sponsored nature of their articles (by displaying our small logo we have designed for this purpose).

And, moreover, in order to protect our bloggers and our reputation, we insist that our bloggers post only about things that they genuinely are interested in. If it’s not a product or service you wish to draw to your readers attention, you don’t back it. That way even when you are paid for blogging about something, it’s because it’s something that you actually want your readers to know about.

We place absolutely no restraints on the editorial content of posts. We’re not going to say come onto a blogger’s site and say, “Hey you should be a bit more positive about this product cos you’re being paid.” You recommend something. If you have criticisms, that’s okay. If a blogger is slating a product in their post, I would suggest that they probably don’t actually like the product, and it is not in the ebuzzing spirit to be paid to recommend something that you don’t actually think is good or at least warrants investigating by your readers.

And also posts are created on our platform. We never moderate our users’ blogs. This means that nothing goes live on your blog unless you know that you’re going to get paid for it.

As for comparisons with Review Me, well we are not offering people the chance to get paid for a review, just the chance to earn money by recommending something. If they were being paid to review things with us, we feel that it would have been extremely difficult to offer a paid review that is unswayed by the money on offer. We want bloggers to earn money for voicing in their own words why something is cool and worth checking out if they think it is. If they don’t like it, they don’t blog about it and no money changes hands.

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