Ecommerce #SEO tips from Patrick Altoft & Matthew Jackson at @ecommerceexpo

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  • October 4, 2013

This week saw the much anticipated Ecommerce Expo event take place at Olympia, London; helping those marketers working within the ecommerce industry stay at the top of their game in the most competitive sectors out there.

Our Director of Search, Patrick Altoft and Head of SEO Strategy, Matthew Jackson were there to present talks on a subject we know plenty about; ecommerce SEO. Both talks exposed the challenges ecommerce sites face and featured plenty of tried and tested tips and advice on how to overcome these without compromising site quality.

If you missed Patrick speaking on Thursday, you can catch him again at the Search Talks seminar, taking place in both London and Leeds over the coming weeks. Book your ticket now here, and check out the slides below for a taster of what to expect.

Attract Links & Influence Buyers, Matthew Jackson, Head of SEO Strategy

Selling online does not make a site link worthy. Ecommerce businesses need to engage in conversations naturally occurring around the web and provide content on site that answers questions and influencers customers. The average customer will use 11 resources before making a decision to purchase, ignoring content and targeted outreach eliminates your ability to influence your customers.

Advanced SEO for Ecommerce Sites, Patrick Altoft, Director of Search

This presentation covers how brands and ecommerce sites can position themselves to take advantage of future Google updates, and deliver long term sustainable rankings.

Get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions about the slides.

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