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  • December 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Entrecard has been causing quite a stir recently and I’ve been testing it out over the weekend.


My first impression was that the system looked quite complicated, that isn’t a bad thing but it does mean you need to spend some time on it if you want to extract maximum value and use the network to your advantage. Luckily the site is easy to use and looks nice otherwise I would probably have ignored it.

The system is basically a way to network with other bloggers by exchanging 125×125 banner ads. You can see the widget in my sidebar or in the screen shot below:


Entrecard uses Amazon S3 to host the widget so they are able to scale without worrying about hosting costs and the widget won’t slow your site down when you get on Digg.

How it works

1. Advertising – the system lets you buy ads on other blogs using credits. You can advertise on blogs such as BlogStorm, John Chow, ProBlogger and over 100 others.

2. Networking – to earn credits you visit other blogs that have the widget installed and drop them your Entrecard. This means you click on the “Drop Yours” button and the blogger gets an email with a link to your site.

3. Accepting cards – you also receive a credit when somebody drops their card on your site (feel free to drop your card on BlogStorm).


So far Entrecard has sent 68 visitors plus the visitors who clicked on my link in the email notifying them about my card. This probably ads up to another 50 or so visitors. The great thing is that all the visitors are bloggers so the traffic is hugely targeted.

I will be posting again about traffic in a week or two. Has anybody else had good results?

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