Essential tools and methods you should use for successful outreach

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  • March 26, 2013
John Iliopoulos

John Iliopoulos

Search Strategist

Finding highly trafficked blogs for your target niche while trying to create the best possible long-term blogger relations plays an essential role in boosting up your search engine presence and authority. However, it doesn’t come easy; you have to invest time and effort in an outreach strategy.

Fortunately, you can do something about this regardless of your experience in the blogging field. Here you will find some of the most efficient tools and methods for successful blogging outreach:

Outreach through directories and blogging communities



Technorati has been one of the most popular free tools for bloggers for over ten years now. It indexes blogs and all kinds of social media mentions. You simply visit the homepage on the official website and type in your tags or keywords in the search box. You can also enter specific search criteria to narrow down results. This can be done on the advanced search page.

Technorati allows you to view results from entire blogs that have been tagged with the search term you entered or recent post results available in the Technorati blog database, you can even view category pages for a variety of industries on Technorati.

There is a ‘ Technorati Authority’ number for each blog result that is measured by a website’s influence and relevance. Authority of a website will be measured on a scale of 0-1000, 0 being the lowest possible authority.

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is a completely free service which links bloggers looking for content with agencies, marketers or other individual bloggers wanting to place guest posts. According to the guidelines of Blogger LinkUp, members or bloggers of the network are forbidden to request payment.

Sign up with your name and email address to get emails with guest blogging opportunities and posts three times a week.

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is designed to bring only blog results from millions of feed-enabled blogs. It provides fresh, relevant results.

Outreach through advanced blogging tools



GroupHigh provides a solution to most brands who want to incorporate blogging into their marketing and promotion strategy. GroupHigh allows you to easily track your blogs by creating lists, this way, you can easily track different blogs related to different topics. The blogs can be simply added to your lists.

On GroupHigh, you can easily search for blogs using more than one keyword that will help bring more specific results. There is also an option of excluding a keyword from a search. You can refine your search results by Location, SEO metrics, Twitter followers or Facebook likes.

GroupHigh also gives the user the opportunity to refine search results by blogs accepting product reviews, giveaways, guest posts or sponsored posts. Once you have a defined list of blogs, it becomes very easy to contact webmasters. It provides contact information and social profiles of webmasters. It also gives information about the links in a blog, traffic stats, author names, etc.

The contact information is provided with search results which make it even easier and more convenient.

GroupHigh comes at a cost however and you’ll need to check the official website for the pricing.

Blog Dash

Blog Dash

When talking about impressive blogging outreach, Blog Dash is certainly one of the tools which comes in handy. This tool is very easy to use, user friendly and allows both businesses and individual bloggers to define their target audience by providing valuable information that will help them.

Blog Dash is an accurate tool that aims to deliver valuable data results, it displays information about the published content, visitor statistics, activity on social networks, full profile with personal information and such. Also, the tool allows searching for bloggers based on factors like gender, category, location and preferences such as bloggers interested in hosting giveaways, product reviews, sponsored or guest posts.

Last but not least, another major benefit of Blog Dash is that it provides detailed information about SEO metrics, Alexa rankings, the website ranking, the number of page views, most accessed blog posts, etc. If used properly, this handy tool will certainly benefit your future marketing campaign and will have a massive impact on your blogging outreach.  Same as GroupHigh, Blog Dash comes at a cost and you will need to check the official website for the pricing.

Outreach through mentions and social tracking tools

Twitter Search

Twitter Search

Using Twitter for searching guest post opportunities in “real-time” will always get you fresh and accurate guest posting requests. Twitter search is very convenient and easy to use, just type in as many variation terms as possible such as:

“Guest bloggers needed or looking for guest bloggers. “

Try also using your industry’s keywords in front of each term above and it will result you in limited but more exact requests.

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer plays a pivotal role for marketing campaigns, as this tool is especially designed to help you either search for a specific keyword and term that has been mentioned or monitor and compare all the mentions and the links to your domain.

Moreover, it also helps you analyse the mentions of your competitors’ domains, so you can always be one step ahead of them.

By identifying these mentions you can then reach out to sites that have mentioned your competitors but haven’t mentioned you, develop strong and long-lasting relationships with them and start collaborating. You can start an approach by asking them if they have any experience with your brand etc., afterwards, you can even propose linking.



Just like Fresh Web Explorer, Topsy is an easy-to-use real time search tool of social shares and allows you to monitor mentions of your brand or blog posts on Twitter or Google+.

Simply type in Topsy the URL of your recent blog post with a fair amount of shares to find those who have shared or mentioned you on Twitter and Google+, hover over the contacts and a user profile will appear. You will notice that many people sharing your posts are also blog owners and they may be interested in linking with you. This is certainly a great way to obtain successful blogging outreach.

Outreach through Search Queries

Google Search query codes

Google Search

There are several search codes queries that come in handy for everyone that wants to know whether a particular blog has enabled guest posting features.
Do a Google search including your keyword that describes your industry, followed by these basic phrases (It is essential to use quotation marks when searching one of the phrases mentioned above, because only this way Google will return the exact same match):

keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post guidelines”
keyword “accepting guest posts”

For keyword defined in title try: intitle or inurl

keyword inurl:“write for us”
keyword intitle:“guest post”

When using these search codes, it is highly recommended to use synonyms as many bloggers choose to invite guest authors in different ways: some may refer to them as guest posts, others as guest authors, etc. For example, while some bloggers invite fellow bloggers to “submit a post”, others ask them to “send a post” or even to “suggest a post”.  Having said that, here is a comprehensive list that will offer you a deeper insight into the most commonly used expressions regarding guest posts (for even more refined results, you can mention the blog topic along with the keyword):

“Add a blog post”,  “Write for our blog”,  “Looking for guest bloggers”
“Submit guest post”, “Add a blog post”, ” Submit Post”, ”Submit article”
“Become an author”, ” Become a contributor”, ”Be a guest writer”, ”Write for us ”

3 tips you should consider before Outreaching

1. Interact with the blogger and personalise your approach.

Surely, you can find the blogger’s name in the blog somewhere; if not, check the blogs social profiles. Start sharing or commenting on their recent posts. Invest some time in getting to know more about the blogger, perhaps he/she owns another site, this would be worth mentioning. It is greatly appreciated when bloggers feel that their existence is acknowledged. Remember to also include your thoughts or some positive feedback regarding recent posts in your email.

2. Make your approach valuable and relevant to the Blog
Before pitching a blogger make sure that accepting your guest post or reviewing your product is what they’re really inclined to. Sure, the blogger’s niche might fall under the same category as yours, but do your research and see if your topic has already been covered. You could suggest three extremely relevant post titles they could choose from or suggest to follow up an existing article you found interesting and relevant to your topic.

3. Know their Terms
Bloggers have their own guidelines when it comes to regulating product reviews and guest posts, make sure you are aware of them so that you can be on the right track.

Keeping these things in mind will equip you with the best and effective guest blogging attitude. Yes, you may know how blogger outreach works, but it is the right attitude that will lift you towards success.

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