#EveryoneSpeaksFood, Asda goes for gold, and Kate Moss dreams

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  • August 26, 2016
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

What a week it’s been – we were sad that the Olympics came to an end, but then came National Burger Day and all was well.  We also had quite a few entertaining PR campaigns in between to keep us ticking along, so here are our favourites.

Asda commemorates Adam Peaty’s gold win

The Olympics might be over, but it doesn’t mean the PR campaigns to commemorate the winners have ended!

Once Asda found out the swimmer Adam Peaty was a regular at one of their Uttoxeter stores, they made sure he had a golden welcome back.

“Golden athletes from the London Olympics were recognised through golden post-boxes, so we thought we would bestow a similar honour upon Adam,” said Steve Biggs, general store manager.


Dolmio proves that kids are in a world of their own

We all know the magic way to calm down a child is to stick them in front of a screen – a sure way to achieve silence all day.

Dolmio wanted to find out how disconnected children are to the world around them when they are in front of a screen. The prime time to put this theory to the test is dinner time – see the experiment unfold in the video:

iPad-addicted kids don't notice when strangers replace their parents

Google Translate does international dining

This PR campaign took place in New York, but #EveryoneSpeaksFood and we loved the simplicity of it, so stay with us.

Google Translate wanted to give locals an authentic dining experience by hosting a pop-up restaurant for 5 nights, with 18 chefs specialising in different cuisines, all held in one restaurant.

To mix it all up even more, the menu was in the native languages of the cuisines being served. Watch how diners used a bit of clever tech to pick their favourite dishes from the menu:

And then came National Burger Day!

This is another fine campaign put on by Asda that shows out-of-the-box thinking. While most restaurants and brands were offering discounts, free burgers, and best burger reviews, Asda took it up a notch and got a scientist involved.

That’s right, the megastore challenged Michael, a chef at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory who analyses how our senses work, to come up with the perfect burger recipe.

The great thing is, unlike offers and discounts that will expire, you have no excuse not to have the perfect burger experience any day of the week, using this scientific formula, courtesy of Asda:


Charlotte Tilbury gets a helping hand from Kate Moss to launch new fragrance

We love anything VR, especially if it has to do with Charlotte Tilbury. For the launch of the new fragrance Scent of a Dream, the 360° video showcased a parallel universe, dream world, mixed with reality, all screened through Kate’s eyes. Watch and scroll through the video below:

Well that’s all from us this week! Comment if you have seen any PR campaigns that tickled your fancy.