Fake Websites You’ll Only See on TV

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  • March 31, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

How many times have you seen a website being used on TV and thought that it was either an amazing example of product placement or that you couldn’t understand why such an obscure site was being featured?

Quite often I take a look at sites featured in popular programmes to see if they really exist and more often than not the sites are live but are just fake websites developed by film production companies.

One of the most famous fake websites is Erinsmail, the email service often seen being used on Neighbours. The website doesn’t exist on the real internet but Erinsmail is used by almost all the residents of Ramsay Street.


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A website often seen in the UK on Eastenders is the fake search engine search-wise.net, Google is giving a malware warning for this domain so visit at your own risk. Checking the about page of the site reveals the following:

This is NOT a real search website!

Owned and operated by Compuhire (Eccentric Trading Company Ltd), this website has been set up for clearance purposes so that it can be used in film and TV productions when scripts require that a search engine is shown in vision.


Doctor Who has used dozens of fake websites including www.unit.org.uk in the past as part of some clever viral marketing campaigns. One campaign encouraged users to search for “doctor blue box” on Google to find the site but this campaign has now been ended and the site altered so that it no longer ranks for this term.


Do you know any other fake websites?

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