Famous personal trainers, nights in the sky and Back to the Future ads

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  • March 17, 2017
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

Can you believe it is Friday already? This week has flown by but brands have shown their PR potential once again. Here is our selection of favourite campaigns from the past seven days…

Netflix and Chill? More like Netflix and Gym!

The struggle is real. You’re at home, on your sofa, with your cup of tea, watching your favourite series, really chilled out. But, no sooner than the end credits have appeared, Netflix automatically plays the next one! How could you say no and gather enough courage to get up and exercise?

Lounge no more, as Netflix has come up with the solution to your soon-to-end sedentary life. You will now be able to get your favourite character from the box sets you love to keep you motivated at the gym, with words of encouragement (or tough love) as soon as your pace decreases.


Friday pub crawl turns into Friday squat goals

As the fitness trend continues to rise in popularity Ministry of Sound have jumped on the band wagon and have announced the opening ‘Ministry Does Fitness’ in London this week.

Through assembling people’s favourite activities of going out, expending energy, listening good music and enjoying pizzas and beer they managed to create a novel and exciting concept. But, how did they manage to make this work? They got a big venue, hired personal trainers, made it exclusive (limited tickets), played popular tunes and offered rewards in the form of beers and pizzas after the workout.

What’s not to love?

M&S tackle mental health

Physical health goes together with mental health, and this is something that Marks & Spencer have focused on in their latest campaign.

Partnering with Ruby Wax, who is raising awareness for mental health, they are launching a fortnightly event called Frazzled Café open to those who are experiencing the stresses of their daily life, feeling anxious and down. Whether it is chronic or a one-off, M&S promise to provide a safe and supportive place to talk your worries out.

The cafes are open after hours and a facilitator will be there. We love when brands go the extra mile to make the world a better place.


Hotel in the sky

Nothing will ever be too much when it comes to unorthodox places to spend the night. You remember Airbnb’s competition to get to spend the night in Dracula’s castle?

Look away, you people prone to vertigo but for those of you who are unafraid of heights, Trip Advisor might have the ultimate getaway – a night for two in the famous London Eye. Not only do you get to go for a ride, but also enjoy the views of London by moonlight through the glass windows for the whole night.

Do not wait another instant and enter the competition called “Eye Spy, a Home in The Sky”!

Heinz signing off an ad from 50 years ago

No, you are not experiencing a Back to the Future episode but Heinz effectively decided to sign off the idea from “50 years ago” by Don Draper.

Yes, the same Don Draper from Mad Men (episode ‘To Have and to Hold’ from season 6) who pitches the idea in the series.

Heinz is hence using the images and creating billboards to be featured on social media channels and newspapers.

Hats off, Mad Men!



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