Fav.or.it – like Digg but sends comments to your blog

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  • October 2, 2007

UK start up http://fav.or.it is about to launch a private beta based on a submitted database of 10,000 blog feeds.


Without access to the system the best way to discover the service is to read this (long) summary on TechCrunch UK.

I’ve spent some time reading about the site and here is what I can gather:

Fav.or.it seems to be a cross between Digg and an RSS reader. It allows you to create mashups of feeds based on tags and keywords.

The key concept is that you can comment on any blog posts you read without leaving the fav.or.it site. When somebody visits your site from Digg they often write comments on the Digg comments page rather than on your site. This reduces the time they spend on your site and makes it much less likely they will become a long term reader. You also lose out on valuable user generated content.

The fav.or.it system will (if you decide to let it) log in to your blog and post peoples comments without them having to visit your site.

Some bloggers fixated on ad revenue might say this is a bad thing but any system that gets people reading and commenting on what I write online is a good thing whether they visit my site or not.

Once I’ve got access to the system I will post a proper review.

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