Features you would like in the ultimate SEO tool

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  • April 3, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

In developing the link analysis tool I’ve been thinking a lot about the tools I would like to be able to use but haven’t found yet. Some tools offer great features but are full of bugs and are therefore hard to use.

This thread from 2005 discusses the ultimate link analysis tool but 3 years later we don’t seem to have one (as far as I know). There are some excellent ones but ideally they would be combined into one big tool that you can just set going on 10 domains and then come back in 12 hours and see a massive report of all the data.

Here are the features I would like in the idea link tool:

  • Ability to analyse up to 20 domains at once
  • Tool can analyse 20 domains and find their most common link sources
  • The tool should run in the background either via the web or a browser
  • Show PR and link data for any page on a site
  • Show PR and link data for any page that links to you
  • Show anchor text and title tags for these pages
  • Option to exclude nofollow links
  • Graphs of how all link data changes over time
  • Ability to filter links by domain extension
  • Ability to filter links by hosting location
  • Easy link to whois data for every domain
  • Calculation of deep link percentage
  • Use of colours to represent one way or reciprocal links
  • Ability to exclude certain domains from the reports
  • Ability to exclude sitewide links

What would you like to see?