Find a real Disney Princess, try before you buy with IKEA and gin advent calendars

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  • September 1, 2017
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Our ‘favourite campaigns’ post has taken an unintentional turn down ‘reality road’ this week, with two fitness bloggers defying the picture-perfect perceptions of their industry, an iconic brand challenging the stereotype of what their products have historically been built upon, and another step into augmented reality and how it’s shaping the consumer journey.

And, obviously, we couldn’t go a week without talking about gin, so there’s also one of those added in for good luck!

Instagram gets real

We’ve noticed a lot of talk recently from bloggers and influencers who are struggling with the new Instagram algorithm and losing engagement on their posts.

But two bloggers who’ve really engaged not only their followers but also the national press this week are Chessie King (one part of fitness duo Two Peas In A Bod) and Lucy Mountain, AKA The Fashion Fitness Foodie.
Embracing imperfections

For a few months, blogger and fitness trainer Chessie has been sharing side-by-side photos to show her whopping 239k social followers the reality of our bodies and how unflattering they can look in bad lighting, how they get bloated after a day of eating, and how posture can change everything!

“I think the more open I am on Instagram, the easier it is for me to accept my body,” Chessie explains. “Every time I show my “wobbly bits” or my “imperfect bits” I feel a sense of freedom.”

As digital marketers, we think it will be interesting to see if brands start working more with influencers on creating content such as this, which reinforces the positive messages and values of their brand instead of just collaborating on events or product promotion. We’ll keep you posted!

Food for Thought

Lucy Mountain’s dose of reality comes in the form of simple Instagram photos, comparing the nutritional differences between foods we consider ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’.

As marketing manager of personal training company SIX3NINE, Lucy has a professional knowledge and understanding of nutrition, and how products marketed as ‘healthy’ are often are just as ‘naughty’ as those calorie/fat/ sugar-loaded snacks we wouldn’t dream of touching.

“The goal for me personally has always been to remove the idea of single foods being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. My posts (hopefully) liberate people, showing you can enjoy all the foods you love and still be ‘healthy’ in a (hopefully) really non-intimidating, approachable way,” she told

The simplicity of these images works so well, as there’s nowhere to hide. We love how Lucy challenges food trends and the perfect images that many fitness bloggers present on social media. She makes her followers feel okay about having a handful of fruit pastels instead of almonds if you really want to. (Pass the sweets!)

Try before you buy

Ever spotted a gorgeous piece of furniture or stunning lamp and thought ‘that will go so well in my living room?’ And then, once you’ve dragged it home, you realise it’s too big, or it doesn’t go with anything else in the room, or the shop was actually some kind of ‘smoke and mirrors’ parallel universe and what you bought is actually gross!

We’ve all been there.

Luckily for us, the Swedish furniture giants have only gone and done it again! Using technology engineered by Apple, IKEA Place is a pioneering app that gives customers the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’, superimposing fully scaled products into any space in the house, simply by pointing your camera at it.

We feel there’s a positive and a negative to this idea. True, there will be no more embarrassing arguments with your partner halfway around Ikea when they insist on buying a bright orange chair to go in the blush pink bedroom. But cutting down on multiple trips means only one chance to get meatballs and hotdogs…

More than just a princess?

Although Disney’s latest editions to the Princess files have portrayed a much better image of female empowerment, some of our most loved heroines have received their fair share of criticism over the years for their gender stereotypes and the fact that their life ambition is to be rescued by Prince Charming.

The company’s latest social media campaign #DreamBigPrincess aims to promote an inspiring message to young girls all over the world, with positive images of strong female role models who may have grown up adoring the princesses and stories of Disney but also enjoy playing football, learning how to code, and wanting to lead a nation.

Kate Parker is a photographer involved in the project and author of the book Strong Is The New Pretty. She told, “I wanted to find a way to combine an element of empowering princess and real girls. A lot of girls feel like you have to either be a tomboy or a girly girl who dresses up.”

The #DreamBigPrincess photo campaign is live now and runs through to October, with Disney donating $1 for every photo shared using the hashtag to the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign, which promotes leadership and empowerment in young women.

Gin Gin to Christmas!

We’re being those really annoying people who talk about Christmas as soon as August is out of the way. But you might need to jump on this bandwagon quick, before it’s too late.

Last year, online alcohol specialists The Pip Stop created the Prosecco Advent Calendar, filled with 24 glorious days of sparkling wines.

With gin being the buzz word of 2017, it’s only right that this years’ version is filled with a variety of exotic tonic waters such as pomegranate and basil, tangerine, cinnamon and watermelon, alongside a bottle of The Lakes Gin.

The calendar does cost a hefty £99, but with a gin and tonic every day of December, you’ll probably have forgotten how much you spent by Christmas Day!

The ‘advent calendar campaign’ really has been a winner for marketers over the last few years. Even as adults, we still want to count down every single day to Christmas, but a disgustingly small amount of chocolate just doesn’t cut it anymore! Take that, along with the most ‘trendy’ food or drink products of the year, and you’ve got a winning formula! We’ve got a wager on the avocado calendar coming out verrrrry soon!

So, there you have it, a very positive post filled with inspirational messages to finish the week off. And if the only thing you took from this was belly rolls are fine, fruit pastels are ‘healthy’, and gin will help you through every step of December, we think we’re alright about that! Happy Friday!