Flash mobs, Car-aoke and chocolate snowball fights

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  • November 27, 2015
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

Christmas is coming and don’t we know it! Our PR campaign round-up this week is heavily Christmas-related and has left us feeling very festive!

Singalong with McDonald’s

Everyone loves a good Christmas sing-along and McDonald’s are showing this off in their latest campaign. ‘Journey to Christmas’ is an advert that shows a family singing along to Christmas songs and a very embarrassed dad trying to order a McDonald’s.

To expand on the ad, the fast-food giant is allowing customers to record their best singing voices in shopping centres and branded taxis across the UK to be entered into a competition. McDonald’s will select the winners, who will receive 90 seconds of fame in their Christmas Day advert! ‘Cab-aoke’ will be held in Cardiff, London and Edinburgh so if you want to be on TV, keep an eye out for a McDonald’s branded taxi.

This is not just a flash mob, this is an M&S flash mob

Staff and shoppers at the Newcastle city centre Marks & Spencer had an early dose of festivities last week. A singer disguised as a customer burst into song in the middle of the store, with another 24 people joining in after a few seconds. The singers were disguised as staff and customers; only three actual members of staff knew it was going to happen.

The Newcastle food hall has the highest amount of customers of any in the country, so M&S decided to host a Taste of Christmas event, with the flash mob organised to coincide with the launch.

How hard is it to order pizza?

Domino’s certainly thinks it’s quite hard, so they created a physical button to make things easier: all you have to do is press it and your pizza will be ordered.

The button is linked to the smart phone app, the user simply has to link the button to the app, save the details of their favourite pizza, and the order will be sent to their nearest Domino’s shop.

It isn’t available to everyone just yet – it’s only being given to superfans of the company, who can win one through a social media competition that will launch next month.


Winter means… snowball fights!

Cadbury’s winter/Christmas efforts have been fantastic this year, and this social campaign, in partnership with Asda, is another one to be proud of.

All you had to do was ‘hit your friends with a #CadburySnowball’ on Twitter and they’d receive a pack of Snow Bites in the post, along with 50p off their next bag of Snow Bites at Asda. They only had 2,000 bags to give away so it was a quick campaign but still guaranteed them social engagement. The calm AFTER the storm After the chaos of Black Friday, the Booksellers Association has decided to calm things down a little with a ‘Civilised Saturday’ initiative. It is part of their overall ‘Books Are My Bag’ campaign which was set up to celebrate high street book shops.  

Around a hundred book shops across the UK have signed up to initiative and will be serving food and drinks to all their customers throughout the day, emphasising the pleasant and relaxing experience of shopping for a good book.

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