Food, Drinks and Cowboys (not necessarily in that order)

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  • September 30, 2016
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

Hi y’all! This week we’ll be looking at a few of my favourite things for my first blog post on the PR campaigns from the past seven days; namely blue burgers, a chocolate bus and wild cowboys invading the streets of London. Hold on tight and giddy-up!

Mystique-al Blue Burgers

Let’s start with the Australian food chain Ribs & Burgers, which celebrated the release of X-men: Apocalypse in Blu-ray by creating a blue bun burger. The not so far-fetched idea comes from the mutants Mystique and Nightcrawler (although the fact it is Blu-ray may have also helped).

Just try to forget how much colorant they used in order to make the perfect, bright blue bun and dig into the triple chilli chicken and blue cheese goodness.

Sausage Hotline, how may I help you?

As weird as this may sound, this is the greeting you will come across if you are ever wondering how to cook your sausages. The American company Johnsonville – that can be reached at (844) 9-SAUSAGE – will give you innovative cooking tips (involving sausages, obviously).

I would add more but I’d rather let you watch for yourself.

Sweet tooth on a bus

We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and Cadbury’s have made it a reality. The Double Decker Bus is opening its doors to students all over the UK for a tasting experience.


Once the lucky visitors have hopped on to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand, they will be challenged to a series of mini obstacles on the top deck, before indulging in Emoji Cookies and Avocado Rocky Roads. Sounds like our kind of bus!

Like me, like my addiction

A serious campaign for a serious topic, alcoholism.

French agency Addict ‘Aide pulled out a month-long stunt on Instagram: they created Louise Delage, a young woman of 25 living in Paris and posting pictures of herself and her days and nights out.


They let the truth out a few weeks ago and managed to raise awareness on the topic. A few of the followers spotted something dodgy about it but Addict ‘Aide were expecting more. We love it when social media goes above and beyond for a good cause and especially when it crosses borders.

A profile among others. Nothing suspicious until you realise that on every photograph, you can see an alcoholic drink.


A photo posted by Louise Delage (@louise.delage) on

They revealed the subtle campaign a few weeks ago and in doing so sucessfully raised awareness on the topic of alcoholism.

Although a few of the account’s followers had spotted something dodgy, it was a much smaller number than Addict ‘Aide were expecting. A really interesting use of social media to raise awareness of a controversial topic.

Just goes to show, you should be careful of what you like next time…

Sun’s out, horses out

This week saw Texas come to London in a clever stunt to promote the new film Magnificent Seven.


To promote the remake of western movie, seven cowboys were set loose in the capital this week. If you live in London then you might just have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with a cowboy on your way to work.




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