Forbes article about SEO for small businesses, is it 1999?

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  • September 25, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Forbes has an article today about small business SEO. It starts off well enough with a quote from Rand:

“For many businesses, a Web site is the first way that your clientele will look at you–even if it’s just to find your address and phone number,” says Rand Fishkin, founder of Seattle-based search engine optimization consulting firm SEOmoz, which aims to increase the odds that search engines will happen upon a given site. “The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business.”

It’s only at the end where it goes seriously off track with this:

The key to SEO: selecting 50 to 100 key words most relevant to your products, services and target audience. The more those words appear on your Web pages (within reason), the higher up the stack your site will tend to appear.

And finally:

Finally, for those launching a new site, be sure to prime the pump first before going live. That way you can take steps to move up in the search ranks even while making final tweaks behind the curtain.

Simply ask your site host to attach meta tags–hidden programming code easily read by search engines–that include your top 20 keywords in order of importance to your business. The tags will drive traffic to your site when people search those keywords. Create a greeting that says something like “This site is under construction, but we will be up and running shortly.”

By the time you officially launch your beautiful, bug-free site, it will already have marched up the search stack.

Articles like this cause thousands of companies to go bankrupt every year. These companies sit back happy in the knowledge they have keywords and they have meta tags so the traffic will come rolling in any day now just like that helpful article in Forbes said it would.

I’m going to email Melanie Lindner from Forbes (pictured left) and arrange to discuss (perhaps over dinner) first of all the fact that meta keywords tags are useless and then the big thing she missed – links. No site in the world can rank without links, it’s what the entire SEO industry is based on.