Forget about anchor text start building trust

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  • March 3, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

There are two totally separate aspects to a linkbuilding campaign and a lot of people choose the wrong methods and lose out on rankings as a result.

Most inexperienced webmasters hear that they need to build links from relevant sites with their main keywords in the anchor text but using this approach can cause problems for new sites.

When you launch a new website it isn’t trusted by Google and it won’t become trusted until you get some high quality links from authority sites such as industry news sites & the mainstream press. Building unnatural links with your keywords as the anchor text isn’t going to do very much to help build your Google trust and, if you are buying links, could flag your site for manual review.

In the first 6 -12 months a site isn’t going to rank for any really competitive terms, no matter how many keyword rich links you build. The focus at this stage should purely be building huge amounts of trust so that you start ranking in the top 50 results without buying or generating keyword rich links. Once your site has a certain amount of trust then you can start ramping up your favourite linkbuilding methods and getting keyword rich links.

Of course sometimes you can get on topic natural links with the right anchor text but these are rare and not something you can base a campaign on. Next time you launch a site try to build at least 1000 natural links form authority sites before you move onto unnatural links and see how much quicker you start ranking.

One of the best ways to generate anchor text rich links naturally is by publishing news stories related to your niche, these will be linked from around the web and will help Google decide on the theme of your site even though the links are to articles rather than your homepage.

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