Forget linkbait, just copy Wikipedia

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  • August 28, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Most people mistakenly assume that creating linkbait means building a Top 10 list and getting it onto the front page of a popular social news website.

In actual fact the best linkbait is to create a useful resource that people reference when they are writing about a particular subject.

If you can create a few thousand of these resources and each one gets a couple of links per month then that equates to thousands of natural links per month, all with great anchor text % contextual relevance.

For me Wikipedia is just one giant linkbait website, do you know anybody who has managed to get over 135 million links by writing Top 10 articles? 135 million links is a huge amount and all of them are the result of somebody thinking that Wikipedia was a great resource to link at when they were writing an article – in most cases Wikipedia probably wasn’t the best resource possible but it was better than the other resources on a particular subject.

It isn’t going to be easy but if you really want to linkbait in your industry then the path is quite straightforward:

  • Find all pages on Wikipedia that relate to your niche
  • Write more detailed versions with better images
  • Email all the people who link to the Wikipedia pages and gently point them to your new page
  • Find subjects where Wikipedia doesn’t have a page
  • Create a quality page on these new subjects
  • Use your existing link equity to help the new pages rank
  • Wait for people to find and link to these pages

In 18 months this strategy will probably give you enough links to outrank Wikipedia for every term you target.

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