Free Piña Coladas, Burger King tattoos and QLoos at Wimbledon

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  • July 10, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

With London’s tube strikes being very topical this week, we take a look at what else is going on in the capital. From Wimbledon, to the first savoury cocktail bar and Coca-Cola’s #choosehappiness meters, there’s been a lot going on this week!

Luxury QLoos at Wimbledon

There’s nothing worse than queuing for hours with your legs crossed, bursting to get into an event to, ahem, refresh yourself. bathstore came to the rescue at Wimbledon this week with their pop-up toilet experience, helping tennis fans keep their place in the queue whilst they nip off for some much needed relief.

Spectators simply tweet @bathstore using #QLoo, and bathstore’s ball boys and girls will hold their space for them whilst they use the toilet. We’ve really enjoyed watching how brands jump on big events like Wimbledon but this is definitely one of favourites – such a simple but effective idea!

Q loos

Free Piña Colada for everyone

Malibu have truly got into the spirit of summer and are offering free Piña Coladas to everyone on the 10th – 11th July; all you have to do is download their voucher here.

To raise awareness of the campaign, they’ve transformed telephone boxes up and down the country into giant pineapples! So grab yourself a free Colada, enjoy the tennis, and don’t forget to tweet us a picture if you see one of their amazing pineapples!

Pina Colada

Burger King tattoo McDonald super fans

Burger King have launched their very own version of McDonald’s Big Mac to their Brazilian menu, aptly named the ‘King Burger’. To promote this new addition, Burger King have tracked down McDonald’s super fans who already have a tattoo of the ‘Big Mac’, and convinced them to transform it into a ‘King Burger’. This is certainly a different approach to launching a new recipe, but we like it!

The UK’s first savoury cocktail bar: Snacktails

We’ve got more free cocktails for you this weekend, or should we say ‘snacktails’?! Jacobs have opened a pop-up savoury cocktail bar in Soho London for two days only! The flavours include chilli con carne, plum spring rolls and fish and chips, with the event intended to mark the launch of their new Cracker Crisps range.

So if you’re sweet enough already, get yourself to Soho for a different, savoury taste experience.


Coca-Cola Happiness Meters

Coca-Cola is measuring how happy London is this summer using outdoor ‘happiness meters’. They will be displaying happy messages to Londoners across 300 billboards showing a real-time data analysis of the mood of London’s inhabitants. It will also be handing out free Coca-Cola cool bags in popular communal areas of the capital, such as parks at lunchtimes.

The data will look at the sentiments tweeted out using the campaign hashtag #ChooseHappiness. They have also partnered with Capital FM to help drive the amount of tweets, which will see happy callers receive gifts.

We love this feel-good summer campaign, and will be keeping an eye out to see what else they do with the social data.

Coca Cola