Get Fit Kwik, be polite and the UK spends a day watching a puddle!

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  • January 8, 2016
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

It’s the beginning of a New Year, so naturally all the ‘New Year, new me’ declarations are out in full force and brands are jumping all over them.

Time to get Fit Kwik

KwikFit is encouraging people to get Fit Kwik with their new video, which shows two of their staff members trying to eat healthily but deciding to do exercise classes instead.

To help people shift that spare tyre (their pun not ours!), they are inviting people use their tyres in exercise classes throughout January. KwikFit has paired up with personal trainer Mikah Simpson to run exercise classes in one of their garages in London every Sunday throughout January – if you want to go have a go, you can register here.

Emojis urge you to get active

Emojis were a huge thing last year and they’re going to be even bigger in 2016. Virgin Active has jumped on the bandwagon and designed their own ‘emojivation packs’ to inspire people to get active.

As there are only a couple of fitness emojis already available, Virgin Active saw a gap in the market.


Are you inspired to go to the gym because of the emojis? The Branded3 PR team suggested that Virgin Active could have gone one step further with the campaign and put on some free classes that could only be booked using emojis!

British etiquette lessons from Stephen Fry

We Brits have certain stereotypes we just can’t get away from – Heathrow Airport has latched on to these, along with Stephen Fry, to make Britain appealing to tourists. Together they have created a very humorous/sarcastic #UKGuide, discussing certain things British people do to let visitors know what to expect when they arrive.

Typical Brit behaviour of complaining about queuing, applauding when someone smashes a glass and talking about the weather are all mentioned. A spokesperson for Heathrow said the video was made in response to ‘a desire from arriving passengers to get a sense, from the moment they touchdown at the airport, of the UK’s culture.’ Well Stephen Fry certainly shows them a snippet of it!

Get a rating on how attractive you really are?

You may all remember when Microsoft released a website called that could guess your age based on a picture you upload. Taking the concept one step further, Swiss dating app, Blinq, has created a site that doesn’t just guess your age but rates you on how attractive you are.


Using artificial intelligence to rank photos, the six point scale rates you from ‘Hmmm’ to ‘Godlike’. People have been uploading pictures of celebrities to the site to see what they score – Kylie Jenner was given a rating of ‘Godlike’ but Nigella Lawson was only given an ‘OK’.

To keep insult to a minimum, Blinq released the following statement: ‘Please keep in mind the following points when using our tool: Attractiveness is highly subjective and its perception differs from culture to culture. Our algorithm is trained on the pictures of the BLINQ community that is mainly based in Switzerland. In other parts of the world the perception might be very different.  Have fun and don’t take the results too seriously.’

The day a puddle went viral

Last but certainly not least in this week’s campaign round-up is… a puddle. Yes, that’s right. A puddle. As mentioned earlier in the Heathrow Airport campaign, Brits love taking about the weather. So when a live stream of a puddle was put on Periscope, the UK went into meltdown. Drummond Central started live-streaming the puddle in Newcastle, as they found it amusing to watch people try and cross over it without getting wet.

Over 20,000 people were watching the puddle live on Periscope on Wednesday afternoon (I must admit, I was one of them for a while). The puddle gained coverage in many nationals and on radio stations, such as Radio 1 and Capital FM, who were giving live updates. There were even people turning up to the puddle with lilos and a surfboard!

If that didn’t cause enough of a splash, a bottle of Drummond puddle water is on sale on eBay and has racked up a bid of £65,900. It may be a PR stunt but it’s definitely making headlines!

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