Get ready for the Bank Holiday with Taylor Swift, McDonald’s, and Monarch

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  • August 25, 2017
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    Happy Bank Holiday weekend! To kick off the good times, we’re sharing our favourite PR campaigns of the week. We’ve seen some great stunts spanning from German supermarkets to everyone’s favourite fast food joint!

    Julien Macdonald for McDonald’s

    We’ve seen many collaborations between fashion houses and large corporations, but you don’t often see the runway mingle with the drive-thru… until now!

    Julien Macdonald has worked with McDonald’s to create some fabulously fashionable burger boxes for the fast food chain’s new Signature Collection of premium burgers.

    After initially being trialled in 2015, the Signature Burger will now be available in over 900 McDonald’s stores. The burgers are being made by the Chef’s Council, who work in Michelin Star restaurants and have cooked for royalty and celebrities alike.

    Although this may be an odd pairing, this campaign is surely set to gain a lot of PR coverage and create a real buzz. It’s the first of its kind for McDonald’s, and celebrity endorsement from Julien will be sure to get those journos typing away!

    Taylor Swift- Reputation

    The queen of pop herself set the internet alight this week with the news about the launch of her new album, which will be released in November.

    The news comes days after she deleted all content from her social media channels, replacing it with video footage of a snake. It was a great way to subtly let her fans and the media know something big was coming.

    This seems to be happening more and more, which we think is quite fascinating. Forget TV ads and billboards – stars are purely relying on social media to promote their music at the drop of the hat. It goes without saying we’re all sat on the edge of out seats, waiting to hear Swifty’s new sound!

    Universities take to Snapchat

    As students received their A-Level and exam results over the past few weeks, universities across the UK have been using Snapchat to make sure clearing places are filled.

    Admin staff are communicating with would-be students in order to make them feel more comfortable during the application process. This puts less pressure on students, as they won’t have to call or email – they can now just communicate with their prospective school through social media.

    Although this is a really innovative way to communicate with students, some argue it could lead to a further breakdown in communication. However, from a PR POV this is a great tactic to help universities remain current and grab students’ attention.

    Monarch’s mood-enhancing menu

    Budget airliner Monarch have revamped their in-flight meals in collaboration with food psychologist Charles Spence. The new menu is going to be served as a trial on set European flights and was designed to help passengers fight off ‘air rage’.

    The range includes food like liquorice ice cream, mochi rice cakes, and a nut bar that contains mushroom and tomato powder. To drink, passengers can indulge in ‘relaxing’ green tea or a herbal tea that claims to reduce bloating.

    Image source: The Daily Mail

    This is an original campaign that uses a unique tactic to drive awareness for the airline provider. We really like the input of the food psychologist, as it helps readers gain expert advice and gives Monarch’s menu some extra authority.

    We only hope the next on-flight meal we have is this beneficial…

    Edeka supermarket confronts racism

    One supermarket in Hamburg, Germany removed all foreign goods from its shelves in order to combat racism.

    Edeka Supermarket removed all of the products that were not produced in Germany and replaced them with messages such as “this shelf is quite boring without variety”. Things that were usually there, such as tomatoes from Spain and Greek olives, were completely unavailable. As you can imagine, this left the store looking rather bare.

    This is a really great campaign that combats real issues by using unexpected and visual techniques.