Getting ready for Windows 8 Apps

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  • September 14, 2011
Julian Kay

Julian Kay


    Last night Microsoft finally revealed the Windows 8 operating system to the world. For business users this may not be the most exciting release ever, but for consumers and developers it’s very good news.

    Connect to your audience with Apps

    One of the things we’re going to be sure to pass on to our customers, is that small apps are OK too. Windows 8 applications can be more like the smaller applications that you currently run on your iPhone or Android phone – little utilities which have a single purpose.

    Traditionally people would think of Windows applications as big suites like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite – rather than a targeted birthday reminder app, or a lie detector. But these things are fun to have on your phone, and will be fun to have on Windows tablets too. Fun applications can reach your customers in a whole new way on a platform which will no doubt take the computer industry by storm.

    Design is now more important than ever

    As we’ve mentioned before, we’re looking forward to taking our HTML5 + JS and .NET skills to work on the new OS from Microsoft. We’ve got a very talented and award-winning team of developers and designers who’ll be able to work closely with customers to create new experiences for end users.

    I’ll be writing a lot more about these ‘Metro style‘ apps as Microsoft releases details on what is required, but today we can cast our eyes over to Windows Phone 7 to see the direction things are going.

    Apps are making a comeback on the PC, and we’re going to be ready for it.