Giant hens, Ford teaches us to Unlearn, and a fair clean up!

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  • March 11, 2016
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

With so many national events going on lately we have been loving all the creative PR campaigns that have generated news.

This week, five giant brands have made the list with their campaigns that taught us the importance of being fair on International Women’s Day, showed us that Easter fun is not just for children, raised awareness for animal wellbeing, and changed our perspectives about everyday life.

Here is a full breakdown of our favourite PR campaigns this week.

Ford Unlearn– pushing boundaries of what’s possible

Ford wanted to show the public their innovative way of thinking and how their team and software are breaking the boundaries with their new line of cars, including Ford GT, Focus RS, Mustang and Edge.

With the launch of their new cars, Ford has launched a series of videos to challenge public stereotypes and perceptions. Fun videos include things like Unlearn Pets where we are shown just how cute, clean and loving micro pigs can be as pets.

My favourite out of the whole Unlearn Campaign is when Tim Chester from Mashable received a suit and goggles, and was made to walk around London.

You might think, what’s the big deal? Well, the suit aged Tim by 40 years, giving him the ability to move and see as a 70-year-old man, which was a lot more exhausting than he thought. Watch him in action in this video:

International Women’s Day with Fairy

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Fairy has made quite a bold statement this International Women’s Day, by changing its name to ‘Fair’ and asking fans, “how fair is your home?”.

The Facebook post challenging deeply-rooted stereotypes has already received 15,000 views. Watch the full video here:

FAIRY FAIRMen and women are more equal than ever before, but is housework shared fairly in your home?

Posted by Fairy on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Greggs finally launches flat whites!

In order to promote its new flat white coffee, Greggs has hosted a nap session based in South Bank.

There is logic behind this: Greggs would like Londoners to help them prove a theory that having a nap after having a dose of caffeine increases energy levels.

I personally don’t see a better combination for a great lunch break than to sip some lovely coffee and have a kip – a great example of a simple yet effective product launch.

Asda gets ready for Easter with a #GiantHen?

Asda is definitely having a bit of fun this Easter by launching a TV advert supported by a PR campaign of a giant chocolate hen on the loose.

We are shown a video of a giant hen arriving at one of Asda’s mega stores, jumping on the roof and laying chocolate Easter eggs to show viewers where the delicious chocolate eggs on Asda shelves come from.

The PR campaign highlights the whole journey the hen has gone through, from a fake news channel reporting on farmers spotting huge chocolate eggs in their fields, to the public sending in their own pictures of signs where the giant chocolate hen has been. Watch the full news report below:

Brazil opens with the Association of Animal Wellbeing

This is the most endearing campaign of the week for me.

The tennis tournament started with a difference: the usual ball boys were replaced with adorable dogs that were rescued by Association of Animal Wellbeing in the favelas of Sao Paulo. The dogs look happy, healthy and extremely on point when catching the fly away tennis balls.

The spokesperson for the charity, Marli Scaramella, had a very simple message: “The idea is to show people that a well-fed and well-treated animal can be very happy.”

The charity looks after over 1,000 dogs and this is a brilliant campaign to showcase their amazing work. Take a look for yourself in this video: